Your Home is not a Landfill for old devices

Home isn’t the place to dump old devices

We all love to decorate our homes with new, contemporary and sometimes even with the antiques. A special stress is also paid on removing the old, rotting items that degrade the beauty of our homes, then why don’t we pay attention to removing the old gadgets that lie useless in our closets? They are equally responsible for destroying the beauty of the house. Just imagine, had you sold your device or given it for trading-in then you could have used the received money either for buying a new gadget or something for your house that will added to the beauty of it. But no. We are convinced that these old devices can lie in our homes and that too without bothering us, but it is high time that you realize that Your Home is not a Landfill for old devices. You can do much better than just hoarding these devices in your home and well let you know how?

Every penny counts
“As technologies continue to replace older devices at an ever-increasing speed, Singaporeans discharge up to an equivalent of 70 handphones per person worth of heavy metals, carbon footprint and harmful substances each year into landfills and into the air via incineration.
Valuable materials such as gold and silver are lost in the disposal process and dangerous substances such as cadmium and lead are released into our ecosystems. Potentially harming our planet and affecting future generations.” Source :

Let us understand why we have to face this problem of gadgets hoarding in the first place? We are actually overwhelmed with different types of devices around us, every month or maybe in a shorter duration there is a whole new range of devices that hit the market, and we start dreaming of buying them as soon a s possible. The next step that contributes to the unwanted collection of old gadgets is that even if your device is facing a minor problem then instead of getting it repaired or even considering repairing it, we directly jump to the conclusion that the device has become worthless. We are now going to discuss some of the problems that can be completely repaired but we don’t consider them:

  • Battery not charging,
  • Screen damage,
  • Touchscreen slow response
  • Memory issue
  • Phone is slow etc.
  • Speaker issues

These are some problems that can be easily corrected and are still ignored and the phone is left to rot. If you want these problems to be solver then you can go to the outlets like the PC Dreams, these outlets make sure that you device made free of any problems that it has, plus they will also offer regular servicing of the phone which will to detect any problem at the very start which will actually increase the life of the device. Owing to these factors you can easily understand that there is no point in doing unnecessary hoarding because Your Home is not a Landfill for old devices.

Why is it important to take Good Care of these Old Gadgets also?

This is a valid question, because these old devices also need care and attention in the same way as the new ones. For this all you have to do is give these old devices to organizations like PC Dreams they will make sure that the device is improved and repaired, all your data will safely handed over to you, and then after the device has been given the treatment it needs, it will be given up for sale under the category of refurbished devices. 

Is it Good Enough?

Yes, of course. The refurbished devices sometimes are even better than the new ones, reason being that they have been custom made and assembled in such a way that the efficiency and the shelf life increases manifolds. If you are someone who is bothered even about the natures then you must also know that the refurbished devices aids to betterment of the nature as they are a renewed version of an old device, so it justifies the concept of reuse. You too can contribute to this face of the gadget usage by emphasizing on the repair and not only on the buying of new devices. This approach will help you to save your hard earned money along with increasing the efficiency of your device and last but not the least this whole thing will help rejuvenate nature.

You must have heard the quote-”Every penny counts” whether that penny is earned or spent. That is why it is important that we take into account that the penny that has been spent should be brought to complete use. Optimal utilization of the gadgets will help you to avoid the hoarding of the old gadgets because Your Home is not a Landfill for old devices.

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