Electronic Waste & IT Asset Disposal Services in Singapore (ITAD)

The ever-growing volume of electronic waste (e-waste) poses a significant challenge for businesses in Singapore. Ensuring responsible and sustainable e-waste management is no longer just an option, but a vital component of any company. 

We specialize in secure and sustainable electronic waste and IT asset disposal services for businesses in Singapore. Our comprehensive solutions ensure that your old devices are either upcycled, refurbished, or safely disposed of, contributing to environmental sustainability and data security. 

Partner with us to manage your electronic waste responsibly and efficiently.

Why does your business need IT Asset Disposal?

IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) involves the secure management and disposal of outdated or end-of-life IT equipment. IT asset disposal is critical for businesses in Singapore to maintain data security, adhere to legal and environmental regulations, and effectively handle e-waste. Employing IT asset disposal services ensures the secure and compliant disposal of outdated equipment while also enabling the recovery of value through refurbishment or resale.

How We Can Work With You

#1 - You want to upcycle

For businesses with multiple old devices which are in working condition and still have active demand. Receive cash for old devices.

#2 - You want to purchase devices

For businesses looking to procure devices. Procure fully working devices at a lower cost than buying brand new.

#3 - You want to safely dispose devices

For businesses looking to dispose of old devices.

Accidentally spilled water on your devices? MyHalo is here to help. We offer water damage repair for your laptops and phones.

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    What types of devices can I upcycle for cash?

    We accept a wide range of devices for upcycling, including laptops, phones, and tablets. You can receive cash while promoting responsible e-waste disposal when you upcycle and sell. 

    How can I ensure my data is secure during the disposal process?

    Our secure IT asset disposal services, certified by our ISO27001 processes, include comprehensive data wiping and destruction to ensure that all sensitive information is completely erased. We support 18 different Sanitization Standards, including US DoD 5220.22M and NIST 800-88, published by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual. See: DATA Erasure Methods

    For Solid State Drive (SSD), we support low-level ATA Secure Erase. This guarantees secure data destruction for businesses, minimizing the risk of data breaches.

    How does the disposal process work for old electronics?

    Our comprehensive IT asset disposal and recycling service includes the safe collection, dismantling, and recycling of electronic waste. This ensures responsible e-waste management and helps protect the environment from harmful materials.

    What happens to the devices after they are disposed of?

    Disposed devices are either recycled or refurbished, depending on their condition. This promotes electronics recycling and upcycling old electronics, ensuring minimal environmental impact and maximum resource recovery.

    Can I buy refurbished devices directly from your platform?

    Yes, you can purchase high-quality refurbished devices at competitive prices through our platform. This option is ideal for businesses looking to buy refurbished electronic devices online and save on costs.

    How is data security ensured during the ITAD process?

    Our secure IT asset disposal services comply with data protection regulations to ensure secure data destruction for businesses. Data from retired assets is securely wiped using approved methods to prevent any data breaches. Faulty harddisks are destroyed permanently using a disk puncher. All data erasure and security history logs are kept for up to 2 years with our ISO 27001 standards. 

    Can myhalo customize ITAD solutions based on specific organizational needs?

    Absolutely. myhalo offers tailored ITAD solutions to meet the unique requirements of each organization. We provide corporate IT asset disposal solutions that align with your data security, compliance, and sustainability goals. Share your requirements with us; we look forward to working with you soon.

    What is the turnaround time for ITAD services?

    We shall respond to you typically within 1 business day. The turnaround time depends on the number of devices and the type of services you wish to engage with us.

    What are the associated costs for ITAD services?

    We understand the tiresome process of getting quotes and understanding the process. Our team is experienced in handling small to large quantities of devices, typically from 5 – 2000 units. Additionally, the cost also depends on the services required. 


    However, since 2019, myhalo has always been the paying party, providing free disposal for services rendered to our clients.

    Do you offer onsite data destruction services?

    Yes, we do. Please let us know your request, and we will quote you separately.

    How can I prepare my devices for collection?

    Please help to collate your devices at one location as far as possible. For industrial best practices, we will advise you to back up all your data before our collection. However, if you need data backup services from myhalo, please do reach out to us for a separate quotation.

    What are the criteria for upcycling a device?

    The upcycling decision depends on several factors. Typically, the lifespan of a laptop can be extended up to 12 years, and mobiles and tablets up to 10 years from the launch date. However, as a general guide, laptops of less than 7 years, mobiles and tablets of less than 5 years can command some buyback value.

    What data destruction methods do you use?

    We use a combination of software erasure, HDD puncher, SSD shredder and degaussing methods for data destruction. We provide support for 18 sanitization methods, including US DoD 5220.22M and NIST 800-88. Companies can also opt for physical destruction through HDD puncher, SSD shredder and magnetic deguassing.

    How can I be sure my e-waste is disposed of responsibly?

    Agt myhalo, we try our best to put the devices into circularity through sales and donations. 


    Check out our CSR commitment at bridgethedigitaldivide.sg


    We currently have an estimated upcycling rate of 42% for regulated small electronics. The remaining 58% are sent for responsible recycling through R2 certified recyclers that we partner with.

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