myhalo is all about extending device lifespans to keep them useful for longer.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce LifeExtender – a subscription that makes device maintenance fuss-free and helps keeps your tech running as long as possible. The more you extend a device’s lifespan, the less likely it is to end up as e-waste in a landfill or incinerator. Taking care of your device means taking care of our planet too!

Plus – enjoy access to deals and rewards exclusive to LifeExtender subscribers!

Extend the lifespan of your devices with myhalo LifeExtender

Enjoy these amazing perks as a myhalo LifeExtender Member

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Save on price,
Save the planet

No fix,
no charge

Complimentary fixes *

Additional 30-day warranty

Boost laptop battery life

Keep your screen pristine

Antibacterial & anti virus

Comprehensive device check

Members Perks

Friends of myhalo

myhalo LifeExtender

Loyalty Rewards
Earn points on all ReLove, Rescue, and Upcycle services.
Special Promo Codes
Get exclusive early access to discounts.
Free Screen Protector x1
Free screen protector to keep your phone scratch-free. (Worth $10)
Free Screen Protector x12
Free 12 screen protectors a year for any smartphone. (Worth $120)
PhoneGuard Antibacterial & Anti Virus Coating x1
Speco proprietary nanocoating for 6 months of continuous antibacterial protection. (Worth $29)
5% Discount Off ReLove Purchases
5% off all ReLoved devices.
10% Discount off Rescue Services
10% off all repair services.
Basic Device Repair Service x1
Minor repairs to extend your device's lifespan. (Worth up to $60)
Device Revitalisation x1
Comprehensive device health check and maintenance. (Worth $60)
Unlimited Free Diagnostics For All Repairs
Free diagnostics with our no-fix, no-charge policy. (Worth $49 each)
Thermal & Battery Rescue x1
Prevent overheating, extend battery life, and increase laptop speed by up to 34%. (Worth $89)
Extended Warranty (ReLove)
Additional 30-day warranty on ReLove purchases. (Worth up to $50 each)
Extended Warranty (Rescue)
Additional 30-day warranty on Rescue services. (Worth up to $50 each)
$8/ Month
Annual Subscription
up to $517 worth of perks!

Make your favorite devices last longer

Extend the lifespan of your favourite devices and save the Earth will doing it

Save on Price, Save the planet

5% Discount off ReLove Purchases

Receive 5% discount off all ReLoved devices.

10% Discount off Rescue Services

Receive 10% discount off all repair services. Eligibility: All device types

No fix, no charge

Unlimited Free Diagnostics For All Repairs (Worth $49 each)

Backed by our risk-free no fix no charge policy

Eligibility: All device types

Complimentary fixes

Basic Repair Service x1 (Worth up to $60)

Level 1 minor repairs to extend the lifespan of your devices and keep them out of landfills and incinerators.

*Service includes:

– Minor repairs that does not require parts replacement
– Quick repairs that takes up less than 10 minutes of professional repair time, such as gluing back of LCD
– Basic servicing such as reformatting, RAM installation, malware/virus cleaning.

Eligibility: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, PCs

Additional 30-day warranty

Extended Warranty (ReLove) (Worth up to $50 each)

Additional 30 days warranty on top of existing warranty for every ReLove purchase made.

Eligibility: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, PCs, LCD. (Accessories & Gaming console excluded)

Extended Warranty (Rescue) (Worth up to $50 each)

Additional 30 days warranty on top of existing warranty for every Rescue service engaged.

Eligibility: All device types

– Additional 30 days warranty is only applicable to items/services from ReLove & Rescue and does not extend to accessories purchase.
– Extended warranty only applies to items/services that are purchased after subscription.
– The additional 30 days warranty cannot be used as credit to offset prices.
– Additional 30 day warranty is applicable to original extended warranty purchases.
– Extended Warranty does not cover battery lifespan.

Boost laptop battery life

Thermal & Battery Rescue x1 (Worth $89)

Prevent overheating of your laptop by improving cooling efficiency – increases laptop speed up to 34%, extends laptop lifespan up to 19 months and battery life up to 2 hours.

Reducing heat also reduces the harmful radiation emitted from your device!

Service includes:

– 1 x Thermal paste replacement for cooling system
– Interior cleaning to remove clogged dust and particles
– Oiling and cleaning of fan

Eligibility: Laptops

Keep your screen pristine

Screen Protector x12 (Worth $120)

Get 12x screen protector in a year, applicable for any smartphones, when you subscribe to myhalo LifeExtender.

Let’s do our part for a more sustainable planet, please change screen protector only when needed.

Before applying the complimentary screen protector service provided by myhalo, please ensure that any UV-glued screen protectors are removed.

Eligibility: Smartphones

Antibacterial & anti virus

PhoneGuard Antibacteria & Anti Virus Coating x1 (Worth $29)

Speco Proprietary Coating:
Specialized coating used by government and aviation industry to repel bacteria, virus and COVID-19. Keeping your device clean and providing continuous hygiene up to 6 months.

Touch Safely: Keep your smartphone clean and reduce germ transmission.

Enhanced Protection: Offers continuous hygiene for your smart phone device with proprietary live ingredients in coating solution Eligibility: Smartphones

Comprehensive device check

Device Revitalisation x1 (Worth $60)

Device checks and maintenances to understand your device health and services to extend the lifespan of your device.

Device integrity check:

– Full Health Check (Functionality Check)
-SSD/HDD integrity checks

Optimisation services includes:
– Improve bootup speed of laptop and PC
– Software tweaking to allow your device to run faster

Eligibility: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, PCs

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