Repair, Buy & Sell Smart Devices in Singapore

We are building a community that embraces a
zero e-waste lifestyle

Meet myhalo – we’re a zero e-waste sustainability platform for users to upcycle, rescue and relove digital devices conveniently, safely, and responsibly.

Our Promise to You

We price with our conscience

We quote you fairly and transparently according to our pricing algorithm, so you can trust you’re getting a fair deal


Our AI-backed system is the first of its kind in Singapore, and available both online and in-store, so you can receive an up-to-date quote even on the go

Data Security

We know your personal data is precious. That’s why we strictly adhere to ISO-certified data management processes when handling your devices

Environmental Responsibility

Zero e-waste is at the core of everything we do. From providing services like repair and resale, to resources and initiatives, we want to keep devices out of landfills and incinerators

How does
myhalo help?

Purchase and use ReLoved devices to give them a second life!

Upcycle devices to extend their lifespans! Their parts can be used to rescue other devices too.

Rescue devices to keep them valuable, functional, and prevent them from turning into e-waste

Our Impact

myhalo helps you GROW your carbon handprint and SLOW your carbon footprint.

Carbon Handprint comprises all the positive actions you take to help the environment and avoid harmful carbon emissions, like planting trees or using clean energy, which can offset your impact on climate change

Carbon Footprint is made up of the negative actions you take that increase carbon emissions like using energy, driving cars, and other activities that release greenhouse gases.

In short, you want your carbon handprint to be BIG, and your carbon footprint to be as SMALL as possible.

In 2022, by upcycling, rescuing and reloving devices,
we grew our carbon handprint through avoidance of 302,088 kgCO2e of carbon emissions













*Avoided Carbon Emissions for different device parts are calculated based on references from “Comparing embodied greenhouse gas emissions of modern computing and electronics products, Paul Teehan and Milind Kandlikar. Environmental Science & Technology 2013 47 (9), 3997-4003”

What’s this
e-waste stuff?

E-waste is simply electronic junk. It’s all the stuff we throw away when our gadgets become outdated or stop working. Think old phones, computers, and other electronic devices.

What’s that got to do with me?

e-waste can contain toxic substances like lead and mercury, which harm the environment and our health if not handled properly.

Discarded electronic devices may contain sensitive data that can be misused if not properly erased.

Recycling and managing e-waste responsibly is super important to protect our planet and make sure valuable materials are recovered instead of just ending up in a landfill.

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Every step counts. Let’s move towards
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