Protecting the Planet One Device at a Time

More than 50 million metric tons of e-waste is generated globally every year – that comes up to about 7kg per person! What’s worse is that this number is increasing exponentially every year.

By providing trade-in, repairs, purchase and sale of pre-owned electronic devices under one integrated platform, joining the circular economy has never been easier.

myhalo helps make conscious decision-making easy and accessible, so you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing the right thing – for our planet and your pocket.

‘ReLove’ comes from the term ‘pre-loved’, which you’ve probably heard being used to describe second-hand items like clothing, books, and furniture.

“Pre-loved” suggests that these things were loved before, but not anymore. It makes second-hand devices seem less valuable and attractive. We use ReLove to show everyone that these items are just as great, and simply need a new home where they can continue to be loved!

Everyone should #ReLove because:

It’s good value for money

It’s great for the planet

myhalo safeguards your data


Upcycling is when you take something that is unused, unwanted, or would otherwise go to waste, and give it a second life!

When you upcycle devices that you no longer need with myhalo, you’re helping to make it useful for longer and keep it out of landfills. Extending device lifespans and keeping them in use is critical to the fight against e-waste. Plus, our proprietary pricing algorithm ensures you’re getting the best value possible.

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Every action, no matter how small, counts. TAKE ACTION and make the first step by pledging your commitment to a world with zero e-waste.

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