Have water spilled on your laptop? Or the display is blurring? Or, the keypad needs some replacement? Digital Hospital is here to serve you.

We will fix your laptops, even from the worst of damages and accidents. Get them back in action, resume your work again with our quick delivery and expert support.

From general repairs, mechanical, electrical malfunction, panel repair services to motherboard repair, virus issues, liquid damage, installing upgrade to screen and hard-drive failure, contact us to troubleshoot every major and micro damages of your laptop and PCs.


Digital Hospital has been protecting devices you love for more than 8 years

Digital Hospital’s award winning service has earned tens of thousands of 5-star reviews.

An ISO 9001:2015
quality management
certified company

Digital Hospital has you covered.

Liquid Damage

Screen Failure

Won’t Power On

Mechanical & Electrical

Wi-fi Failure

Hard Drive Failure

Do’s & Don’ts

Don’t attempt to switch or power on the device even when the exterior has already dried (possible short-circuit causing extended damage)

Don’t attempt to charge thedevice

Don’t attempt to put your device in uncooked rice (minerals in rice will end up corroding the PCB Board. This effect will offset any benefits you gain from absorbing the moisture out)

Do tilt at an angle (example inverted V) to let the liquid (non-sugary) drip out. Followed by drying with hair dryer.

Do gently wipe with a dry cloth and dry it under room temperature

Do send to professional ASAP within 72 hours (Result : Higher survival Rate of 80% – 90%)

Cleaning Process


With water repair, there is less than 10% chance that your data may be lost after the repair. We try to make it work without loosing any data. Sometimes, even if the repair fails you might be able to get your data back.

It takes 4-5 days for the whole cycle of diagnostics, repair and testing.

For plain water spillage, we have a 90% success rate if the device is send to us within 72 hours.

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