We wipe out your data before we recycle your device

We wipe out your data before recycle your device

Everybody is surprised at the pace at which technology is taking over the world. It is as if every month something new hits the market in terms of technology and the devices laden with this new technology. People are too fascinated about owning these new devices at the very earliest. Plus if a person is in a good position financially they will just go and get the new device. But have we ever realized that where are we heading with this type of craze of buying an electronic device every time a new one hits the market? No, that is the answer. This craze is turning the world into an e-waste dump yard. Many people will argue that they do not want to give away their old devices because it has a lot of important data related to them. This fear is genuine but it does have a genuine solution too. There are many organizations like PC Dreams who will take care of this issue as they say We wipe out your data before we recycle your device.

We wipe out your data
The solution lies in the common term that we might hear on a daily basis but don’t pay much attention to- E-waste. E-waste encompasses all the electrical and electronic waste, ranging from our laptops, phones, TV sets to CD’s, etc. While these items can easily meet a much more sustainable fate (refurbishing, repairing or recycling them) instead they are usually discarded. ” Source : https://pcdreamsgroup.com/ewaste-recycling/ “

The fear of data getting into the wrong hands is very important for anyone. This is the reason that it needs to be addressed in a very responsible manner keeping in view the privacy of the customers. The point is that we must be catered to with the right amount of knowledge that can help us make good decisions so that even we can contribute to the betterment of the world that we live in. When we decide to take the help of the experts like the one at PC Dreams your fear of losing the data will go away. 

What is actually Done?

When you decide to give away your phone for getting recycled or refurbished then they don’t just take your laptop. Phone or tablet or any other gadget that might have your data just like this. They will ask you a couple of questions and only after assessing your device completely, they will accept it. Once taken they will take off your data, they will extract it only with your permission, and only after you have given permission will they take a deeper look at the device. All the data that is related to you will be wiped off and they will bring the gadget at its initial position of this issue of yours as they say hence, keeping their promise that We wipe out your data before we recycle your device. Next, all the necessary updates, upgrades, changes, and replacements will be done, and only after all this process is completed the devices will be ready to be put on sale as refurbished. This whole process is very different from the casual giving away of our old gadgets to some friend or relative where even after trying the eBay of removing all the data. Some part of it is always left and that is completely undesirable. 

This whole process is not only beneficial for the one who gives away their old gadgets but also for those who want to purchase the refurbished devices. The presence of the data of the previous owner does prove to be very irritating for the new customer as he might need to remove the old data and then save his own data. This problem is taken care of initially so that the new customer does not face any problem while using the refurbished gadget.

Why is it so Important?

In today’s world of digitization, data is everything. So the importance of data has increased exponentially in recent years. So if the critical data lands in the wrong hands can be a threat to not only the person’s security to whom the data is concerned but it might also affect the integrity of the nation in the worst cases. So it is very important to take good care of the data that is stored in our devices and we as customers should also be vigilant enough for the security of the data related to you. 

Towards the end of the blog, it is desired to be said that worrying about losing your data should not be the reason for holding you back from giving the gadgets for recycling. If you know the right people then your data will be taken care of. The exerts will fulfill their promise of  We wipe out your data before we recycle your device.

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