Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Review – Worth The Flagship?

Samsung’s Galaxy series was just like the game changer in the market of smartphones and then came the S series which just added to the already popular smartphones. When Samsung released the S21 Plus, it was just like another feather in the cap. If we want to put it simple then it would not be wrong to say that this smartphone for sure has some features of  Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra and still the price of S21 is somewhere much balanced. This phone is designed in such a way that it will suite the people who use, the structure of the phone is excellent, it is a sturdy and powerful phone, in spite of all these things there is still a question that is bothering many people that Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Review – Worth The Flagship Price. We will figure out in this blog, whether the price is really worth it or not.

Let us first focus on and understand the specifications and understand the highs and lows of this phone:

  • The display of this phone is quite good at 120Hz, which is fairly good.
  • The chipset of this phone is 2100 exynos.
  • The latest in charging is the wireless charging, which is present in this smartphone and that too at a lightning fast speed. 
  • Samsung Galaxy s21 Plus is also able to perform the wireless power share.
  • Another important feature of this phone is it is IP68 rated which is resistant to water and dust. 

Now we will have a look at not so good points about this phone:

  • The display of this phone may be good but not as good as the previous version, so yes, it is a disappointment.
  • The snapdragon processor is absent in the models released for the global sale, which is not at all desirable.
  • A flagship device is generally expected to be better as they are the last in the series, but seems that is not true with this flagship model hence, the shocking part is that the selfie camera of this phone is just 10MP. 
  • Yet another shocking part of this flagship launch is that the 3.5mm jack for headphones is also absent.

Cooking back to the question Samsung galaxy S21 plus review – Worth The Flagship Price  If we look at the features and specification that we have discussed above, we can see that it is not difficult to comprehend that Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is quite overpriced. Now, there are chances that if you want to buy this phone then you can rely on the outlets like Laptop factory Outlet, with these outlets you can expect a fair price for purchase which will definitely suit you.

S21 bench
S21 benchmark – In single-core performance, the Exynos 2100 inside a Galaxy S21 Plus (SM-G996B) scored 1,040. In mutli-core, it scored 3,107. … As for users buying the Snapdragon 888 version of the S21 and S21 Plus, in single-core both phones scored 1,075 and 1,120, respectively. Source :

As we can see that this phone is definitely not a complete disappointment, if fact we do in the details of the body of the Samsung S21 Plus that we will see that it has a sandwich like structure that is glass at the back and front with Aluminum body in between. The glass used at the back and front is equally durable as it is the Corning Gorilla glass which means whether the phone slips from your hand and gets fallen down or you intentionally throw it away it will still remain immune to all these actions and prevent any types of cracks etc. As far as the ergonomics of this phone is concerned, Samsung has actually worked that out well, the phone is sure to give you a royal feel and that also in such a way which is not even possible with iPhone 12 Pro Max. But, of course getting a good deal is always the key to a happy purchase, for that you can always rely on shops like the Laptop Factory Outlet, these will never disappoint you as far as your investment in this phone is concerned.

The specifications of this phone may not match the standard of flagship in area or two, but the performance is not at all questionable. This where the price of this flagship phone might seem to be justified.

In the end we want to say that  while answering questions like Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Review – Worth The Flagship Price, one should not behave like a blindfolded, you must research and then proceed.

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