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How to Lock A Deal On Refurbished Best Value Mobiles

“Should I buy a refurbished phone?” A most common question that comes across people’s minds while searching for the mobile phone. The refurbished phones are not bad. They go through rigorous testing and polishing before resale. Also, they are budget-friendly. You can get the latest handset for a pretty good price. Before you lock a … Read more

How to Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp

How to Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp

We are in an era where we have many choices to pick from, but as we know that still, we have some favorites and some favorites are universal in their liking, but there are some really important factors that play a major role in making our choices and Security is one such factor. There are … Read more

Lost your phone

Things To Do Immediately If You Lost Your Phone

What can be your biggest nightmare, is undoubtedly losing your phone. But instead of going blank, there are things that are imperative for you to do in such a situation, we shall guide you through 8 things to do immediately when you have lost your phone that you can follow in such a situation. When … Read more

Students: What to Do When Your Laptop Breaks ?

Students: What to Do When Your Laptop Breaks ?

School is back in session – and you’re already exhausted. Chances are, your laptop or desktop is too. Even if you’ve invested in a MacBook 15” Pro with a packed RAM of 16 GB, that space fills up quickly with Zoom Meetings, study guides, and PowerPoint slides. And when you’re not running out of storage, … Read more

Laptop models

How to Buy a Secondhand Laptop?

With new and better technology advancements hitting the shelves day in and out, hundreds of laptops get sold every day. But even technology enthusiasts can’t keep up with the latest and greatest technology trend. Buying a brand new laptop is very expensive, but customers can choose to buy second-hand laptops. It is a great way … Read more

Samsung s9

5 Tips to Buy a Secondhand Samsung Handphone Like a Pro!

Besides iPhones, used Samsung’s handphones are also trending in Singapore. Big names in the smartphone industry are constantly churning out newer versions to lure in customers. But our salaries don’t increase as quickly as the inflation rate of these latest phones. That’s why many people are opting to buy a used Samsung phone instead of … Read more

Mac AIr laptop

Things to Check When Buying Secondhand MacBook Air

Apple’s MacBook is one of the most prominent laptops around the globe. However, the high-end price tag attached to models like MacBook Air is enough to ward off many of us. This is where secondhand MacBook Air comes to our rescue. Moreover, the prospective idea of buying a secondhand or refurbished MacBook Air is gaining … Read more

omen laptop

Can Second-hand Gaming Laptops Be Used For Other Things?

Every gamer needs a laptop or computer that is specially designed for gaming purposes. If you too are looking for the same but don’t have enough funds, consider buying a second-hand gaming laptop.  It’s tough to handle two different laptops at the same time. Gaming laptops are specially optimized for gaming with heavy graphics and … Read more

Top Family-Friendly Apps for Kids

Top Family-Friendly Apps for Kids

In today’s blog – Play It Safe: Top 5 Family-Friendly Apps for Kids we are going to talk about applications that can be used by kids for their entertainment and are not at all in any manner will have a negative influence on the children. Whenever software is being developed one thing that is always … Read more

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