How to keep your MacBook Safe?

How to keep your MacBook Safe?

Security of data is the most important thing these days. Whether it is the data related to your bank accounts or the data related to social media accounts. Keeping in mind these both it becomes very important that we secure the systems that have our data fed into them. Some basic things we all know … Read more

Android vs iPhone

Android or iOS: Which Operating System is Better?

Ever since there is technology, there has been the existence of the operating system, but in recent times there is kind of a battle between a number of the operating systems, first, it was between Windows, Blackberry and iOS, but since the arrival of Android, this battle is primarily between two font runners and that … Read more

Slow Older iPhones

DOES Apple Intentionally Slow Older iPhones?

There is no doubt that Apple has a huge fan base around the world and there are millions of people who want to own an Apple product. All the products that are rolled out by Apple are considered a trend-setting milestone for that particular business whether it is a laptop or an iPhone. But there … Read more

Move content manually from your Android device to your iOS device

Here are some tips for moving your photos, music, documents, and more from your Android device to your new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. ____________________________________________________ Mail, contacts, and calendars iOS works with email providers like Google, Exchange, Yahoo, and more, so you can probably keep the email, contacts, and calendars that you have now. To … Read more

The End of Adobe Flash

Since last December, Adobe has officially announced the death of Flash, after the severe attack from Apple and Facebook. As a matter of face, Adobe Flash Professional CC will be replaced by Animate CC from this year onward. According to, Flash usage dropped significantly to only 6% in 2015 compared to 21% in 2014. … Read more

Data Recovery

Hard disks may die. Households may be burn down. Data lost may result from human error. You probably find yourself screaming over the loss of all your precious data, priceless family photos and important work information etc when these incidents happen. It goes without saying that professional Data-Recovery experts can literally salvage the data that … Read more

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