liquid spillage on laptops

What to Do When You Spill Water on Your Laptop?

It’s no big secret now that liquid and laptops are not good friends at all so in any case if you have accidentally landed in a situation where you have spilt water or any other liquid on your laptop, this blog – water spillage on laptop is just for you. We have tried to summarise all the possible methods that can be used in order to prevent your device from getting damaged. So let’s get started.

If you have landed up in our article after landing up in a situation of water spillage on your laptop then the first thing you must do is turn off your device. And you must also remove the power connection as well as the battery of the device as soon as possible. Because it is a fact that electricity and water are not good for each other and if they come in contact by any chance can create a situation like short circuit and damage your device to an all new level. A person should also make sure that before touching the device your hands must be completely dry as well as the area where you are going to keep your device.

  • Power Off the Device: You must know that you are required to turn off your device before taking any further steps. Also in order to turn off your device rather than choosing the traditional method to switch it off you can apply the faster method which is by long pressing the power button of the laptop which will turn it off immediately. The reason behind this particular method is simple as laptops use electricity to work and water is the biggest enemy of electricity. When liquid and electricity meet usually it results in a short circuit which is definitely not going to end well for the device.You must also keep in mind that if your device has a removable battery you must separate it from the device in a situation where you have spilt water on the laptop.
  • The Next Step: Once you have powered off your device you must be wondering what could be the next step that can prevent your device from damaging further so in that case we want to tell you that it completely depends upon the age of your laptop. Which means that it must be clear how old your laptop is because only then it will be clear how comfortable you are with opening its chassis. If your laptop is new and is still under warranty then you can avoid opening the chassis of your device. In a situation where you have spilled liquid on your laptop and it is still under warranty the first step that you can perform is contacting the company and see what kind of assistance they can provide you in such a situation.
  1. Open the Chassis: If your device is old enough and you are comfortable with opening its chassis then it should be clear what kind of liquid has been spilled on the device. If the liquid was water then it is comparatively easier to dry off. But if something sticky or sugary has been spilled then it would be a good decision to get it cleaned by a specialist.
  2. Take in Repairs: You can also consider getting your laptop diagnosed by a local repair shop in order to find out whether any components need to be replaced or not.
  3. Turn Off And Wait: Once you’ve turned off your device then you need to be very patient while letting the computer dry off and give it some time to get back to a normal state.
  4. Fix the Sticky Keys: In order to fix the sticky keys you need to clean the individual key switches which can be done with the help of isopropyl alcohol spray and a cotton ball in order to remove even the most stuck on junk.
  5. Avoid Using Rice to Dry the Device: There have been many rumours that rice is considered a great option in order to dry the moisture of the electronics. But as far as our research is concerned rather than drying off the moisture it can damage the device further as the grains of the rice can get trapped in the keys of the laptop and damage them


With all the recommendations in our blog – water spillage on laptop, the best we can suggest is that avoid any future spills on the laptop as it would be beneficial for your device only.

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