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If you’re looking for iPhone 6 repair in Singapore then you are at the right place as we’re going to look into the topic in detail. Apple devices are loved around the world despite their price rate compared to their contemporaries. It is important to understand the secret behind the brand’s success. Any gadget by Apple, whether it is a laptop or a Smartphone they are made of premium high quality which justifies their price rate. On the contrary, this is not the case with other brands in competition with Apple in the market. All the devices manufactured by Apple are made of great quality yet they demand soft handling techniques in order to avoid damages done to them as getting an Apple device fixed will cost you equal to buying a new one.

Other devices manufactured by its contemporary brands can endure rough handling and still survive which is obviously not the case with iPhones. Rough handling of the iPhone can create a hole in your pocket. In spite of taking all the precautions, your iPhone encounters accidental damage and is behaving weirdly then under normal conditions you could have visited an Apple service centre but due to pandemic situation, many Apple stores around the world are still closed. Hence there are very limited options available for a situation like this. Under some situations, you can mail your phone to Apple to get it repaired or you can visit the local service centres available in your area which are open.

What to do & Which Option to Choose?

In case your Apple device is still under warranty or you have purchased the AppleCare+ protection plan. Then it will be better to visit the Apple service centre as covered devices only cost $29 for the repair of the screen and $99 for the requirement of other hardware damages. The services provided by the company itself are always reliable and most suitable for the device.

On the contrary, if your device is out of warranty and also you don’t have the AppleCare+ protection plan then the repairmen process or the screen replacement from an Apple service centre will cost you around $129 depending upon the model of a device. Such repairman processes are facilitated by an Apple service centre at a much higher price if you do not have your device under warranty. You can also go for another option of visiting an independent service centre which is Apple authorized as the cost of the repairmen process will be comparatively lower than what you will be charged at an Apple service centre.

Why Choose PC Dreams?

For all the uses of the iPhone who are among the second stated options, to get an iPhone 6 repair in Singapore, you can rely on PC Dreams for their excellent services. PC Dreams have earned positive influence among its customers due to its amazing services. It is a one-stop place for laptop repairs, laptop trade-ins and restored second hand Macbooks, smartphones, tablets and refurbishing items and online stores for buying exciting gadgets at absolutely pocket-friendly prices. We work in close association with global brands like Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft and Intel.

We believe that customers are the most essential part.  Their comfort and interests are the backbones of our business hence every initiative is taken keeping their requirements in mind.  There are economical price ranges and exciting deals on various products. PC Dreams goes beyond the mainstream to help its customers and have provided them with best of advice to secure their laptops, tablets and gaming desktops and keep them in good health.

What makes PC Dreams stand out in the crowd is the team of experts who are specialized at forming repairmen processes keeping in mind the earth in the most detail and to handle devices with care. even the sensitive data of the customer in the device is guaranteed to be kept intact after the retirement process is complete. With all the above-stated reasons it becomes the most trusted platform for your iPhone 6 repair in Singapore as we work on three business principles which are Speed, Quality, Economical and Happy workers in order to provide complete IT services to our customers.

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