LFO-Productivity in 2021: Apps That Work on Mobile and PC

Productivity in 2021: Apps That Work on Both Mobile and PC

Have you been stressing over trying to boost your productivity this year but are unaware of the tools that can help you claim your goal? This blog about – Productivity in 2021: Apps That Work on Mobile and PC can prove to be a great source of information as per your requirement! When looking for tools that can help you with increasing productivity you must have come across many applications that claim to provide you with the latest and best tools that can help you.

If you have already been struggling with productivity related issues in your day to day life then you surely don’t have time to go through each option they provide and select from them that suits you and provides you the exact amount of productivity you expect from them.

In this blog- Productivity in 2021: Apps That Work on Mobile and PC we have made great efforts to provide our readers all the information they need to make the right decision and provide the option of best workplace productivity apps available in the market! We will discuss each and every application in detail which will help you analyze whether the services provided by the app align with your requirements or not in order to make a wise pick.

  • Slack


Function: Slack provides its users messaging and communication facilities and is a tool that makes it possible for in-office teams as well global teams along with remote teams to communicate or collaborate or share files. All these facilities have been integrated in one platform which add to the convenience of the users. It won’t be wrong to say that Slack is a great alternative to the cliche email system because through you can get real-time responses and can have conversations. As far as your search for a productivity tool is concerned, we think that Slack is a great tool that will bring your entire team together and will help you produce successful results with added efficiency!


One of the best features of Slack is streamlined or simplified lines for communication. Basically you need to look for the 3 basic communication features which will be listed as: open channels which are visible to everyone, the second is private channels which can be confined to the selected team members, and the third one is direct messages which is visible only to the one you are communicating with. It provides the ability to easily integrate with other apps which is yet another amazing feature. If users keep everything synchronized with Slack then it will become your one-stop platform to manage productivity, communication, and for sharing documents between teams. 

Mobile vs. PC:

Slack keeps releasing updates and in the recent updated versions the app is available for both its desktop and mobile. In the mobile version you won’t face any issue as it is simple, organized, and easy to navigate between different needs. The app is available for both iPhones and Androids. Similar to the desktop version, the mobile version has a “Mentions & reactions” screen, where you will easily find Slack messages.


  • Airtable


Function: Another productivity tool that can prove to be wonderful for your needs is Airtable which allows teams to create and share databases among themselves with ease. In order to use this facility you are not required to be a database expert in order to use it! In addition to creation of databases, the platform gives you the facility to store or organize, and collaborate along with communicating regarding tasks within the database as per your requirement. 


Similar to the spreadsheets Airtable, except one difference that this platform is way more simpler and comparatively much more user-friendly. It allows you to organize, and set relationships between that data. Due to this you can categorize your data also. 

Mobile vs. PC:

In the Airtable’s mobile version you may find some limitations regarding functionality. For instance, you will not be able to create new fields in mobile and you can only view existing fields.

There is no limit to productivity apps available in the market which provide a vast variety of facilities to the users but to choose the one that suits your requirement is the task. Through our blog – Productivity in 2021: Apps That Work on Mobile and PC we tried to provide you the best options available.

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