Latest iOS Update

Everything You Should Know About the Latest iOS Update

The iPhone is loaded with features now more than ever. Its power has improved and has been introduced with competitive features which can definitely be considered as a trend setting functionality for many of its  Rivals in the business. If you consider an unbelievable feature like unlocking your smartphone while you have a face mask on in order to have much more control over your smartphone then ever or whether it is regarding the app tracking feature the iPhone now comes with all of these packed in one device.

In this blog – Everything You Should Know About the Latest iOS Update, we are going to talk about the recent update that introduced iOS 14.5. So let’s get started!

This update was introduced on 3rd May 2021 which amazed all the Apple iPhone users when they updated their previous iOS version to the newest firmware release. It has managed to attract a lot of appreciation. It is also being considered as the most controversial iPhone operating system update as of now. This update comes packed with user privacy which can be ensured using face ID unlocking along with the beloved emojis, music application and also the further other security enhancements that have been done to this operating system update.

If you are wondering what is so controversial about this update then let us unfold the mystery. Prior to iOS 14.5 hitting the market there were already tabloids and news articles that were surfacing everywhere even on the social media and were rushing to release the pieces stating the reasons why the new iOS Firmware update it will have an effect on the Facebook and other applications that strongly rely on the revenue generated from advertisements.

Latest iOS Update
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One of the major update that featured in it and can be considered as adding fuel to the fire was the 80 or app racking transparency feature which basically gave the iOS users the luxury to allow or disallow applications from tracking their activities in order to track down their activities so that they can provide them relevant Advertisements. 

Prior to the release of the update in the Apple devices there was no releasing of any kind of information to the users regarding the inclusion of app tracking feature How applications like Facebook use the data of the user. Many users were basically completely unaware that these applications can actually track down their movement devices like Android and iPhone using the non relevant ways.

Everything that fueled up the controversy was the creation of awareness regarding how Facebook and other applications Jack up their revenue using these divergent methods. Other applications that use the similar method in order to generate revenue will now have to pay a certain amount of money to iOS 14.5. If they want things to keep working in the same manner. This created a huge publicized fall out between the CEOs of the two brands Facebook and Apple.

This feature can prove to be a big hindrance between the revenue generation of these applications because if the users disabled these applications from tracking down their activities then they will not be getting their required data and thus their revenue will be affected. 

Another significant feature that has been introduced in the new iPhone That managed to hit the headlines was that now the users will be able to unlock their iPhone devices even if they have a face mask on. Although many news articles may mislead you regarding this feature but something that user needs to have if they want to unlock the device even with their face mask on is to have an apple watch if you want this feature to work accordingly.

The presence of the Apple watch allows you to bypass the face unlocking feature and unlocks your phone. Another thing that iPhone users must keep in mind is to keep the Apple watch and the device close to each other or else you will need to type the pin in the device in order to unlock it.

In the new update of iOS 14.5 you also get an adaptation of the key feature of Waze. You are and the letter has been able to Grab popularity due to its most popular feature of allowing real drivers to crowdsource accidents, speed traps and other hazards on the road while driving. That now Everything You Should Know About the Latest iOS Update is now clear to our readers.

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