Reliable Data Recovery Services in Singapore

We generally store data about every aspect of our life on our mobile phones. Be it videos, photos, messages, contacts, all are stored in smartphones. Any physical or logical damage to the mobile phone may lead to data loss. In such a case you should seek quick professional mobile data recovery services in Singapore. PC Dreams can help you retrieve your lost data regardless of smartphone models and operating systems.

Why PC Dreams?

We are working in this field for many years and have more than a 95% of success rate in data recovery from Androids, iPhones and all other mobile phone types. The team is extremely professional. PC Dreams keep organising skill development workshops at regular intervals to upgrade the technical skills of employees. Our Research and Development department and advanced tools lift us to the top in mobile data recovery services in Singapore.

The dedicated team specializes in discovering new techniques to recover the data for all makes and models of mobile phones. With the help of advanced tools and techniques, our experts can retrieve the data from any operating system.

After a successful recovery, depending on the damage to the device, you’ll be able to access the following again;

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Documents
  • Contacts
  • Messages

Easy steps to access the data recovery services

  • Expert Consultation

Don’t panic and turn off your mobile phone. Call PC Dreams and get a free on-call consultation from the experts.

  • Evaluation

Drop the mobile phone by the store for evaluation. If you don’t have the time, you can take advantage of our free device pick and drop services. We’ll provide a quotation after evaluating the device damage. We thoroughly analyse the following points;

  1. Is the media detectable or undetectable?
  2. Type of problem; Is it a physical failure or logical failure or both?
  3. Is there any possibility of data recovery?
  4. Estimated time for data retrieval?
  • Data Recovery

After you approve the fixed quotation, we’ll start the data recovery process. Our team of experts will ensure that all the data is retrieved. We’ll handle the data with great care and safety.

  • Return

The recovered data will be delivered to you as per your choice, whether on the new or same device or external storage device. Further instructions will be provided on how to access the data.

  • We offer data recovery on the following devices

  1. iOS-based devices
  2. Android devices
  3. Cell phones
  4. SIM Cards
  5. BlackBerry Devices
  6. Tablets and iPads
  • Possible reasons for mobile phone data loss

Whether it’s Android, iOS or something else, there are chances of data loss. The reason sometimes could be the user himself. However, most of the times experts are able to recover the data. Let’s know what could be the possible reasons behind data loss and are actually unavoidable.

  • Human error

Almost 30% of data loss is due to human error. You can call it accidental deletion. While deleting some unwanted stuff from the mobile phone, some users accidentally delete the important data. It could create a panic. If you click the Delete All option by mistake, you’ll definitely lose your data.

  • Factory Reset

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a kid unknowingly clicked on Factory Reset while playing with his mobile phone? Just one click on factory reset and all your data will be gone. In most cases, it’s quite easy to recover the data lost after Factory Reset.

  • Theft

The chances of theft are high in crowded places. If your mobile phone got stolen, it means you’ve lost your data too. Before heading towards such crowded places, make sure you’ve kept your mobile phone safely in your pocket or bag.

  • Hardware damage

A broken phone may lead to data loss. If your mobile accidentally fell on a concrete floor and got damaged severely, you might have to throw it as it’s beyond repair. Sometimes the reason could be water. Even a little spillage of water can corrupt the data on your mobile phone.

  • Upgrade Operating System

Keep a close check on the regular OS upgrades. If you wait too long for an update, you may lose the data.

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