Computer Repair

MacBook Pro Repair in Singapore

Leading electronic brand strives to secure a competitive position in the market by churning out innovative gadgets year after year. Since laptops have become an integral part of our daily life we cannot imagine going a day without them. The sad news is gadgets like these are also prone to damage. Everything seems outstanding till … Read more

Benefits of a laptop Battery Replacement

Benefits of Laptop Battery Replacement

There are often many questions that bug users regarding Benefits of a Battery Replacement. In today’s discussion we are going to discuss a maximum of such questions for our readers. Battery is of a laptop or a smartphone, it’s an essential part of the device and has many advantages. It is often noticed in today’s … Read more

#5 Best Budget Gaming Laptops

#5 Best Budget Laptops For Gaming

A couple of years ago you had to spend a good amount of bucks to buy a gaming laptop that is powerful enough for just 1080p gaming. And if you were fortunate you’ll get it at 60 frames per second. With the latest 10th-generation H-Series processors and Nvidia GTX graphics coming onto the mobile, things … Read more

Laptop Keyboard Repair Services in Singapore

Laptop Keyboard Repair Services in Singapore

This pandemic has affected the world badly. It has forced the world to slow down by implying a lockdown. Educational Institutes and workplaces in Singapore are closed. However, some sectors providing essential services are still serving. During this lockdown, the students are attending online lectures from home. Many companies have also asked their employees to … Read more

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