Which Technologies Do Your Customers Want?

Various consumer technologies are changing the way people shop online and offline. Mobile payments, chatbots and voice search are gaining popularity fast as more and more people are starting to see their advantages. As an online seller, it’s important that you keep abreast of these technologies, but it’s equally important that you know what really … Read more

Why Bots Are The Future Of Marketing

In the beginning (1966), there was ELIZA – she was the first bot of her kind, had roughly 200 lines of code and was extremely smart. But you probably don’t know her. Later, came PARRY who was smarter than ELIZA (and could imitate a paranoid schizophrenic patient). But you probably don’t know PARRY either. Or … Read more

5 ways AI Chatbots impact on Singapore Hospitality Industry

Since the rise of Artificial Intelligence Chatbots, the hospitality industry can boast of benefitting from the excellent services in terms of improving customer relations, bookings among other areas. AI Chatbots may come in different versions including text and voice enables virtual assistants. Hotels and online travel agencies have embraced the use of the automated customer … Read more

5 Tips for Creating a Perfect Facebook Chatbot

Over the recent years, most businesses have embraced the use of Chatbots on both their website and social media pages, particularly Facebook messenger. Even though they are quite effective, not every Chatbot will work for your business and thus the need to customize it in regards to the nature of your business as well as … Read more

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