5 ways AI Chatbots impact on Singapore Hospitality Industry

Since the rise of Artificial Intelligence Chatbots, the hospitality industry can boast of benefitting from the excellent services in terms of improving customer relations, bookings among other areas. AI Chatbots may come in different versions including text and voice enables virtual assistants. Hotels and online travel agencies have embraced the use of the automated customer service providers which assist guests in multiple ways. So, how exactly have these AI Chatbots impacted the Singapore hospitality industry?

  1. Manage time efficiently

Chatbots are excellent in improving customer service, however, they cannot be the only customer support in hotels since some guests require personalized service. Despite this fact, AI Chatbots are important as they help manage time by leaving the employees to deliver excellent service to present guests as they effectively respond to online queries and provide booking services through online travel agencies or the hotel’s booking engine. This way, the customer service team is not overloaded with unanswered requests and bookings.

  1. Offer booking services in the native language

One of the challenges faced by guests visiting Singapore is the language barrier. However, through the AI Chatbots, guests can now interact with the hotel in their native language and place their queries or bookings without trouble. This is enhanced by the nature of the Chatbots to translate to various languages depending on the bot features.

  1. Eases communication with guests

We all know that humans are prone to error, and we have probably been misled in one way or the other. Giving clients the wrong information about a certain service requested could lead to negative feedback on the online travel agencies review platforms, which could end badly for the customer service provider involved. To avoid such, AI Chatbots provide credible information they are looking for about a property making them reliable. Again, due to their conversational nature, Chatbots are able to pull up any information requested by the clients and they can book their preferred rooms directly from the bot.

  1. Increase guest loyalty

Due to their credibility, Chatbots are able to provide guests with valid information about hotels and properties in Singapore. Guests are able to retrieve factual information and choose the exact rooms available without any alterations of data provided. This way, clients will be able to trust the service provider for this credible virtual assistance which could lead to referrals and positive reviews of the online travel agency or the hotel all the same.

  1. Enable check-in and check-outs virtually

Traditionally, you need manually sign in to check in a hotel but with the ArtificialIntelligence,Chatbots enable guests to check in online even without the help of the customer service. While staying at a hotel, these Chatbots may also provide in-room services from the reception without having to go all the way there or making a call.

The Singapore hospitality benefits from Artificial Intelligence Chatbots more than any other industry in the country and thus the need to have the bots for hotels and online travel agencies.

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