Samsung’s Triple Selfie Camera

Samsung All Set for Glorified Comeback

The Galaxy series of Samsung is one of the major hits by the company and it has a huge fan following. But when Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was launched the things didn’t go the way they were expected. The main reason for the customer’s disappointment was the fact that there were better options available in the market at very comparative prices. But, it seems that Samsung’s has learnt from its mistakes and hence, they are coming up with a brand new phone which is expected to launch this year and we expect that Samsung Phones Might Feature Triple Selfie Cameras Soon and this might prove to be a game-changer for Samsung. Before we proceed we feel it is important for us to inform our readers that official release of the details by Samsung are still awaited.


Samsung Triple Selfie Camera

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According to reliable sources Samsung is all set to launch the Galaxy A and M series device it is also expected that galaxy M 12 will also be launched among these devices and it is going to be a budget friendly phone. There is also news about the camera quality of the phone which seems to be very promising if compared to what was earlier delivered by Samsung. It is expected that Galaxy M12 will have a triple camera of 48 megapixel. Some news also reveals that Galaxy M12 will have a setup of a quad camera along with a LED flashlight.

Though it is difficult to say at this moment which of the two is correct, Samsung Phones Might Feature Triple Selfie Cameras Soon is what we are sure of and Samsung has something really big for its customers in its upcoming launches. If the above information has made you more curious about knowing further details about Galaxy M12 then we are pleased to inform you that you can expect a 6.5 inch infinity display in the new Galaxy M12 with Exynos 850 chipset, if we talk about the memory you can expected in the variation of either 32GB or 64 GB or 128 GB, if you talk about the battery which is actually the king of all the specifications because it stands at beefy 6000 mAh. The discussion must have some information about the operating system also and  it is Android 11 OS.

Having learnt about the above specifications about Galaxy M12 there is no doubt that galaxy has tried all its best to bring a perfect replacement for its Galaxy S21 which was not so popular among the customers not even among those who religiously follow Samsung smartphones. If we talked a little about why Samsung’s S21 did not get the expected response was the price. Oppo offered a much better phone in terms of every possible specification that you may find in the Samsung Galaxy S21. Oppo also had better design but now we can see that Samsung Phones Might Feature Triple Selfie Cameras Soon.

But it would not be an exaggeration if we say that Samsung has rectified its mistake and has worked a lot on it and that can be seen from the specifications which we are expecting to get from Samsung Phones Might Feature Triple Selfie Cameras Soon. We can see considerable improvement in the design section also.

 Samsung’s Triple Selfie Camera

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There is no denying the fact that when we decide to buy a smartphone then we are willing to pay a good price for it provided that the specifications of the phone are top notch not only the specifications but the features and the design of the phone should also be of top quality. Samsung is one brand that has managed to make and maintain its place in the area of smartphones for quite a long time, this will become more concrete when Samsung Phones Might Feature Triple Selfie Cameras Soon. When compared to Apple & Samsung is one phone that maintains quality and provides it too. It also makes a point to take care of its customers. Samsung is one brand after Apple for which people do not hesitate to pay even a bigger price because they know that quality will be assured and this is the biggest Goodwill of Samsung.

Towards the end of this article we hope that we were able to answer and give a reply to all your curiosities, your expectations that you were having about the new launch of  Samsung’s Triple Selfie Camera. Although the news is completely based on some reliable sources and it is subject to changes by the official release from Samsung itself. Our intention was to give you a fair idea about what all you can expect from Samsung’s latest launches and we do not intend to make any promises about things discussed above so reader’s discretion is advised and we hope that we were able to satisfy your doubts and have given you enough reasons to make up your mind and buy the new phone from Samsung.


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