Embarking on A Green Journey

26 April 2024

myhalo had the privilege of being invited to speak at Nanyang Polytechnic(NYP)’s event titled “Embarking on A Green Journey”at NYP’s central library.

The event drew a diverse audience, including lecturers from the School of Business and over 30 students from the NYP Entrepreneur Club. We were excited to share our story and highlight how myhalo is empowering young people to engage with the circular economy and make sustainable choices more accessible.

During our presentation, we discussed the importance of sustainability and how our platform encourages youth to contribute to a more sustainable future. We emphasized the practical steps individuals can take to embrace a circular economy and shared examples of how myhalo is making this easily accessible to everyone.

A highlight of the event was meeting fellow entrepreneur Vanessa Ong, who founded the brand, “mamashop”, which promotes eco-living through a wide range of eco-friendly food ware made from rice husk. It was inspiring to connect with someone who shares our commitment to sustainability and to learn about her innovative approach to reducing waste. These types of interactions are invaluable for fostering a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating a greener world.

The event was an excellent opportunity for us to engage with educators and students, fostering a dialogue about sustainability and encouraging the next generation to think creatively about how they can contribute to a more sustainable economy.

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