Interview with LianHe ZaoBao

7 July 2024

We are thrilled to announce that myhalo has been featured in Lianhe Zaobao!Our mission is to revolutionize communities by embracing a zero e-waste lifestyle, through education and assisting consumers in extending the lifespan of their devices.

Introducing the “myhalo LifeExtenders,” our team is dedicated to finding innovative and economical ways to breathe new life into your electronics.Our surveys reveal a startling fact: working Singaporean adults have an average of 3.3 inactive small electronic devices at home. Many of these devices are partially functional or non-functional, often containing important data.

While people readily donate used clothes and toys, small electronics like mobiles, laptops, and PCs are neglected. The main reasons? Data security concerns, the hassle of bringing devices out, and the absence of intermediaries to restore these gadgets to a usable state.We believe in turning this around. One of our impactful strategies is to encourage donations of these devices to those in need.

Imagine an iPhone 6 that can’t run the YouTube app—while it has no commercial demand, it can still bring joy to beneficiaries who can access web-based YouTube on Safari!Click here to read about this article here.


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