EYA (Entrepreneur of the Year Award) 2023/24

5 July 2024

“In this rapidly evolving world, the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2023/24 celebrates those who redefine business norms through innovation and leadership.” – myhalo founder, Tan Ching Hwee, who won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award (EYA) in the Established Entrepreneur Category in 2022, is currently the ASME co-chair of the EYA 2023/24.

During the event, Minister Hong Tat Chee, Minister of Transport & Second Minister for Finance, highlighted the mutual benefits for multinationals and SMEs. He emphasized that multinationals can gain from a robust base of SME suppliers and partners, while SMEs can grow by leveraging the knowledge and business opportunities provided by larger firms. Minister Chee noted, “Staying open and connected with the world is a better approach, compared to closing our doors… blocking the flow of international trade, investments, and talent.”

In his role as the EYA chair, Tan Ching Hwee has been instrumental in advocating for sustainability, particularly through the initiatives of myhalo. Under the founder’s leadership, myhalo has been instrumental in promoting sustainable practices across various sectors.Here are some ways in which myhalo has championed sustainability:

  1. Implementation of Sustainable Technologies: myhalo has actively incorporated sustainable technologies into its operations and encouraged its partners and suppliers to do the same. This includes the adoption of reducing carbon footprints via reducing e-waste, utilizing eco-friendly materials and implementing less-carbon-produced operations like paperless queue system and virtual price quotation.
  2. Collaborative Sustainability Projects: myhalo has spearheaded several collaborative projects that bring together multinationals and SMEs to work on sustainability initiatives. These projects focuses to educating the public and reducing e-waste.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives: myhalo’s CSR programs have a strong focus on sustainability. These initiatives support community-based environmental projects and promotes recycling programs (e.g. collaboration with Repair Kopitiam)Through these efforts, myhalo has not only promoted sustainability within its own operations but has also influenced a broader movement towards environmental responsibility in the business community. This aligns with myhalo’s inspiring vision of a zero e-waste world through building communities that embraces a zero e-waste lifestyle.

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