Every new phones means an old phone into a landfill

Discarded Phones: The Silent Killers

In this age of digitization everyone wants to be a gadget freak. With new technologies hitting the markets everyday we are in awe of the new devices and the features that they have. No wonders we are fascinated towards buying them. But have you ever thought about the repercussions of buying a new phone or any electronic device for that matter? Do you know how harmful electronics are for the environment? The answer is that we care less about the environment and more about fulfilling our desires of having a new phone in our hands. Every new phone means an old phone into a landfill is the reason that people are not that sensitive towards buying new phones and discarding the old ones without giving any thoughts to its after effects.

If we go by some statistics it is estimated that about 8 billion smartphones were manufactured in the last decade and nearly two third of the population that falls between the age group of 18 to 35 has smartphones. So there is no rocket science in understanding the fact that in the coming years the rate of manufacturing of smartphones will definitely be the same and will surely see a steep rise in the manufacturing. So the question is where are we heading with this development which is at the cost of a healthy environment?

Introspecting Your Purchase

What makes you buy a new phone: a slight crack in the screen of the phone, the touch response not working very fast, you are bored with the features are some of the reasons which compel us to buy a new phone. But before discarding your old phone do you ever think that where this old phone goes every new phone means an old phone into a landfill ultimately makes a part of e-waste. The mobile phones have a number of components which if not taken care of properly they may enter into the food chain of the human beings and affect them in a fatal way. You might be shocked to hear this information but it is not that difficult to understand, for example: let’s talk about the batteries of the phone which have lithium and cadmium these are heavy metals which are not only unsuitable for the human beings but if the enter the food chain they may affect the nervous system which may result in permanent paralysis or any kind of fatal disease like Cancer.

Any Solution?

Surely this fact must have frightened you but this is true. So don’t we have any solution for this problem, every new phone means an old phone into a landfill? Yes, there is a solution, there are some outlets like PC Dreams which are at your service to take care of the old and discarded phones. PC Dreams has been like a warrior collecting the discarded phones since 2015 and they not only collect them but also treat these discarded phones in the best possible ways. PC Dreams along with treating these old phones also make sure that if a phone can be refurbished then they prefer to refurbish those phones. Not only this even if you have any other electronic device which is old and you have discarded it but you do not want to throw them because you are are worried about the data that is stored in them even then PC Dreams is at your service because they will not only buy these devices from you and that too in return of an instant credit but they will also retrieve and extract the data for you so that you can handover the device without any worries of Every new phones means an old phone into a landfill.

Discarded Phones
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If you feel enlightened after reading this article and want to do something in favor of mother nature so that the problem of Every new phones means an old phone into a landfill solves fast and there is an increased awareness about the same, then also you can join PC Dreams as a volunteer and extend your help in their noble cause. Certainly this work does need some kind of expertise and PC Dreams will take care to equip you with required knowledge of the electronics so that you too can work towards the betterment of the environment.

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