Selling your Phone

Backing up your Data before selling your Phone

Selling your old phone has many advantages. You get rid of the old stuff in a pretty healthy way, you get to finance your new purchase to some extent, you also do good to the environment by selling the phone so that it can be reused. All these things are really good and admirable about selling your home but the good experience can turn into a nightmare by a little ignorance of yours. What if you forget to backup your data, and you realize the same after you have sent your phone for sale. Terrified on the thought alone? Well, this happens with a lot of people and then they are disturbed by the after-effects of it. So we will here discuss the How to backup your iPhone or Samsung android before selling so that you do not land yourself in any unwanted situation.

Selling your phone
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One thing that you must keep in mind is that backing up your data is the way in which you will not lose your data, but when you give your phone for sale you need to completely wipe off the data on your phone in a concrete manner so that the data is not recovered even after the use of some tools that are designed to recover the data.

Below we are going to discuss some methods that will help you to not only back up your data but will also help you to wipe them off the old device that you want to sell.

  • Make sure you develop the habit of backing up your data at least once a week, now this backing is not only concerned with the videos and files and other documents but you must also back up your contact as well.
  • Before you go selling your phone do not forget to remove the sim card and any other type of card from your phone. 
  • You can also perform a separate type of encryption so that your card is safe and do not forget to keep the details of the encryption in a separate file or folder

Backing up for Android phones:

  • If your phone has the Lollipop version or other later versions of Android then your phone will have the feature of the factory setting. This is one setting which when used will practically wipe off any data on the phone to the extent that it will become unrecoverable.
  • But if your phone has earlier versions then Lollipop then you have to follow the following steps to know How to backup your iPhone or Samsung android before selling.
  • First, you have to disable any kind of screen locks on your phone
  • The next thing you should do is to remove your google account from the home. For this you must go to settings and then tap on Users and Accounts and then tap on remove.
  • In case you are using a Samsung Phone then you have to also remove your Samsung account form the phone.

Backing up for iPhones:                                                                                                                 

  • Though there are many third-party services that can be used for backing up your data and there are ways available on Apple too to backup data, all you have to do is connect your device with macOS and back up the data with the help of iTunes or you can also choose to store that data on iCloud.
  • It is advisable to use both methods of backup as this will decrease the chance of data loss.
  • The advantage of backing up data with iCloud is that you can back it up with any Wi-Fi connection and you can also retrieve the data from anywhere wherever an active internet connection is.
  • The advantage of backing up with iTunes is that you can do the backup thing quickly only if you have macOS handy you can go for backing up with iTunes.
  • But if you want to delete all the data then it is a much more easy process than backing up for this if you have an Apple watch then you must unpair it and then sign out of the iCloud, iTunes and also from the App Store. This process will actually send the phone to its initial stage making it easy for the new user to operate the phone from scratch.

We hope that this article helped you to solve all doubts related to How to backup your iPhone or Samsung android before selling your phone.


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