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Things To Do Immediately If You Lost Your Phone

Losing a phone can be a nightmare. But instead of going blank, there are things that are imperative for you to do in such a situation. We shall guide you through 14 things to do immediately if you lose your phone.

When a phone is lost, we may often be engulfed in all kinds of negative thoughts that may only worsen the situation.  However, one must try to hold on to their nerves,  do the needful, and try not to waste even a single second after this misshap has occured.

How To Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe?

Protect your device by regularly updating software, using secure Wi-Fi connections, and avoiding suspicious links or downloads.

  • Try to enable tracking location: Activating device location tracking can help you find your phone if it is lost or stolen, enhancing your chances of recovery.
  • Secure your phone with a password: Use strong, unique passwords or biometric locks (like fingerprint or facial recognition) to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Keep your mobile internet data enabled: Keep your data connection active to allow for remote management features, such as location tracking and remote wiping if needed.
  • Back your data by syncing to cloud storage: Regularly back up your phone’s data to cloud storage services to safeguard your information and facilitate easy restoration on a new device.
  • Purchase a phone with non-removable batteries: Opt for phones with non-removable batteries, which are harder for thieves to disable quickly, making it easier to track the phone.

What To Do If You Lost Your Phone?

1. If your phone has not fallen down in water, then the first thing that you should do and must do is call or your number. There are chances that your phone was found by someone with good intentions. If there is no screen lock, then person who finds your phone may call back.  If your phone is locked, then that person will definitely wait for you to give a call or could be waiting for someone else to give a call on your number.

Calling Your Number
” Try Calling Your Number Immediately “

2. If your phone has some private and sensitive information then you will not want your phone to land in the wrong hands. No matter what, the next thing you must do is to lock your phone from wherever you are. You can do this by remotely logging in to your phone with the help of the Android Device Manager. This will protect your information from going into the wrong hands.

3. After doing all the above, try to access your phone’s location with the help of a GPS. You can also do this after you have tried to call or text on your phone. This will give you a pretty good idea of its location.

Track Your Phone Using GPS

” Track Your Phone Using GPS “

4.  Use your phone’s built-in ‘find my phone’ feature. Most smartphones have a ‘Find My Phone’ feature that can help you locate your device. This service can show your phone’s location on a map. If recovery is not possible, you can remotely lock or erase your device to protect your data.

5. Another thing you can do is leave a message on the lock screen so that whoever has your phone knows you are looking for it. You can also include some more extended information, like an alternate mobile number, address details, and any other information that would help that person

What To Do When Your Phone Is Stolen?

6. We always fear the unknown and the first thing that pops up in our minds after losing our phone is that it has been taken by someone who does not have a good intention. Moreover, if your phone has actually been stolen then you should and must make it a point that you report the missing of your phone to the service provider. The first thing they will do is block your phone so that if it is at all with someone not good, he will anyway be not able to use the phone, no matter what.

report the missing of your phone
” Report the missing of your phone “

7.  If your phone is stolen, report it to the police. This helps in recovering the phone if found and is often necessary for insurance claims.

8.  The next thing you should do is log out of all your social media accounts so that if the phone is in the wrong hands, they do not use your account to post or share something that is not good in terms of content.

9. The next thing you should do is to suspend your services, make sure your data is disabled your accounts are locked so that no one uses them in the wrong way and you are left to pay those hefty bills at your disposal.

10. Additionally, to prevent identity theft, consider freezing your credit reports. This makes it harder for thieves to open accounts in your name. Immediately deactivate any credit cards connected to your phone’s payment apps to prevent unauthorized transactions.

11. Next, make sure you wipe off all your data from the phone or that which can be reached with the help of the phone.

Erase All the Data Remotely
” Erase All the Data Remotely “

12. Warn your friends and family. Inform your contacts to beware of potential phishing scams coming from your number or social media accounts.

13. Consider subscribing to an identity theft protection service, which monitors and alerts you to any fraudulent activity involving your personal information.

14. If you have phone insurance, contact your provider to report the loss or theft of your phone to start the claim process.

Losing a phone can happen to anyone, but the difference is created by the vigilance that one shows in such a situation. We have presented the above 14 things to do immediately when you have lost your phone so that you can  do what is right and needed at that time.

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