iMac Redesign

What to expect from iMac Redesign

The seeds of this major transition were laid down in 2020 when the new Mac Mini, the 13-inch MacBook Pro were introduced with the Apple Silicon Processor. This was a transition which will be seen growing many folds this year as rumour are about Apple likely to launch iMac redesign, compact Mac Pro with M Processors this year. This redesign is going to be very crucial as Apple has not undergone any major design change for over a decade now. Though the entire transition is expected to take around two to three years, it is anyways a new beginning towards the change of an era.


What to expect from the new iMac?

iMac is going to be the first in the list to receive the Apple Silicon processor chip, the recent internal upgrade that iMac went through in August last year was nothing more than embedding it with a new Intel processor, and nothing at all changed in terms of the physical appearance but this year Apple likely to launch iMac redesign, compact Mac Pro with M Processors this year and this is going to be the biggest development for Apple this year. This year there will be a significant change in the physical features of iMac like there are speculations that chin area will be removed from the button of iMac and also they are planning to give a change to the back and shift to a flat back rather than the present curved one. There is also news that the screen will also see a change and that will work as a replacement for the present screen sizes of 21.5-inch and 27-inch. We do not have the exact sizes of the screen that will work as a replacement but some change will definitely be seen.


What’s with the new MacBook Pro?

MacBook pro
The new MacBook 2021

The latest MacBook Pro which is available in the market already has the Apple Silicon processor embedded in it but it is like a confined edition of MacBook pro. With around 16GB of unified memory and 2TB of Solid State Drive and only Two thunderbolt ports, we know that Apple is capable of giving much more than this. So with so many changes this year we can expect a significant change in the MacBook Pro this year. We can say that because there are resorts that 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro will hit the floors in the second half of this year.


Any Major Design Changes to Expect?

As a matter of fact, yes, if we believe in the reports and news doing round=ds there is a possibility that the Touch Bar will be completely removed as Apple has decided to go back to the physical operation of the function keys. This reverting will be done five after Apple introduced Touch Bar. Not only this, but MagSafe is also expected to make its return for faster charging. This was one of the prominent features of the MacBook’s prior to 2016. And to add more to that list Apple is also planning to include more I/O ports for the ease of the users. Seeing all this we can only say that Apple likely to launch iMac redesign, compact Mac Pro with M Processors this year is going to be big.


Mac Pro: The Mystery Behind it

This is one product of Apple that has nothing clear about it. We do not really know or predict anything about Mac Pro. With some speculations, we can say that Mac pro is kind of giving customization options to its users, now the question is how will Apple Silicon help its users achieve this customization. All these things raise one more question: can we expect all this in the current year or not. 


About the rumour about Apple likely to launch redesigned iMac, compact Mac Pro with M Processors this yearwe can say that Apple has a lot to offer this year and we as users are bound to get surprised with all that Apple has for us. This year is going to be a significant year for Apple as it is going to inculcate some really big changes in their products, some of these changes also include going back to some of its features that it used earlier but decided to discontinue for some reason and going back to them to improve its products.

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