Which S21 variant you should go for

Which S21 variant you should go for?

It is always good when you get more options to choose from. This offer is this time offered by Samsung, as they are back in the market with their new Galaxy S series smartphones. This time they have come in the market with three Galaxy S21 phones whose names are Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. Now the question is  Which S21 variant you should go for? We will discuss the answer to this question in our article where we will assess every possible aspect of these three phones and help you get the answer to your question.


If you want to buy or if you are still making up your mind or cannot decide which one to take then we will ease up your problem. If we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus then these two phones are made keeping in mind those customers who are looking for some budget-friendly options whereas on the other hand if we talk about Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra then is the phone that has all the qualities that you would want your smartphone to have. Now let us discuss the similarities and the differences between these three variants of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.


The similarities:

Obviously as these three phones belong to the same family they are bound to have some if not many similarities, these are:

  • The cameras in all these phones are very same, that is they are designed in such a way that they stand out in the whole device with lenses being placed vertically. You can also find multiple options for the camera but that also depends on Which S21 variant you should go for?
  • All these three phones are powered by the same processor that is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, hence, you may not find much difference in the functionality of these three phones.
  • Zoom feature is another important part of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, but the level of the zoom varies and depends on which model you choose to go with.
  • Single Take 2.0 is an option available in all the variants of S21 which is capable of analyzing multiple frames per second, the feature of slo-mo is also present in these phones which can easily decide on which is the most crucial moment and then takes the shot. If you are not sure what is this feature of Single Shot then we will make that easy for you as Single Shot means that you will have to press the shutter one single time then multiple shots and frames will automatically get captures from different angles and then you can adjust from the available features. The best thing about this feature is that it is almost impossible to miss the most perfect shot.
  • Another feature of Samsung Galaxy S21 which is worth mentioning is the feature of Vlogger View, with this feature you will become capable of using both front and back cameras simultaneously, which means you will be able to record the action as well as your reaction together. Moreover, you will get access to endless video recording along with multiple-mic options and enhanced levels of photography which will give you a studio-like experience.

Now, will discuss Which S21 variant you should go for?


Samsung Galaxy S21:

S21 - Galaxy S Series
S21 – Galaxy S Series

If you are new to the Samsung world and do not want to straight away go for the expensive option, then you must buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 phone because it is loaded with all the basic features of the S21 family and will also fall in your budget as it is priced at $799 and that too without any discounts. But we must tell you that this phone is not loaded with high-end features. In short, this phone absolutely justifies its price.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus:

S21 plus Galaxy S Series
S21 plus – Galaxy S Series

Going for Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus should only be your option if you want a big screen, because other than having a big screen and 20% more battery life in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S21, there is nothing more this phone has to offer. As we mentioned earlier that this phone along with Samsung Galaxy S21 is virtually the same phone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra:

S21 ultra Galaxy S Series
S21 ultra – Galaxy S Series

Want the best, go for Samsung Galaxy S21, it has all the best features to provide you. We would suggest that keeping all those features in mind, choose wisely by taking care of your needs, necessities and of course budget. We hope the above discussion of  Which S21 variant you should go for? Will prove to be helpful as well!

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