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Ways to make your Trade-in a Cakewalk

Do you sometimes hesitate to buy a new phone because you are worried about how and where to dispose of your old one? Surely this is one problem you might have faced not only with your phone but a number of electronics that you own. Through – trade-in phone Singapore, you will know that trade in is the new way of disposing of your old electronics.

trade-in phone Singapore
“Contribute towards a zero e-waste future with PC Dreams. We dispose of devices safely to ensure that each and every device deserves the best”. By extending or giving new life to your devices, you are helping to preserve the planet for our next generation.

At the same time it is also important that we know the right ways of trading-in so that maximum profit can be harvested. In the following article we will discuss some ways in which trading-in can be easy as well as profitable for you:

  • Quality of the Phone: If you want to have a high resale value for your phone then the holy grail of achieving this feat is that you take good care of your phone. Taking good care of your phone means that you should have a good phone case that will protect your phone against any accidental falls or any mishandling events. You should use a screen guard so that your phone’s screen is protected against any harsh impact not only this the screen guard shall also protect the phone from any unwanted scratches. These both things are important because the better is the condition of your phone the better resale value you are expected to receive.
  • Take care of the battery: Next important thing that will ensure a good resale value for your phone is the battery condition of the phone. Now the question is how can you be sure that the battery condition of your phone is good? To make sure that your phone’s battery is healthy make it a habit of not leaving your phone on charge overnight. This one practice which is widely followed is actually not good for battery health. This practice actually degrades the power holding capacity of the phone and if the user is aware of how to check the battery condition of the phone then he will surely check it and the health of the battery better will be the resale value of your phone.
  • Accessories are equally important: When you choose to trade in your phone and refer – trade-in phone Singapore, do not forget to handover the accessories received with the phone. This practice gives a good impact that the phone is in a good condition and it will immediately give you a high resale value from the customers.
  • Unlocking is the Key: Always unlock your phone before going in for a trade in which is the next point of focus in – trade-in phone Singapore. This will also increase the resale value. The reason being that you will give the new customer or the new owner all the privilege of using any network carrier of his own choice.

As you can see not much is needed to have a good deal. If you follow the above points and take good care of your phone then we are sure that you will grab a wonderful resale price for your phone and the key is just looking after what you own. Once you have decided to give it away make sure that when the new owner has it he can feel that the device has been taken care of very well. Through – Trade-in phone Singapore, you must have understood that it is undoubtedly the best way to dispose of your old phone not only it helps you financially but you also end up doing your bit towards the environment.

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