Declutter the E-Waste

Declutter the E-Waste in Singapore

The problem of e-waste has now started attracting everyone’s attention for the potential threat which it poses to the environment. The ocean of gadgets which is present around us is enough to tell the story. We must understand that now it is the time that instead of getting mesmerized at seeing the beauty of the gadgets we must become more considerate about the potential threat which these devices will pose in future or or the threat which is already present in the form of the unused and thrown away electronics. It is high time that we become sensitive towards this problem and try to find out How to recycle the e-waste the right way. It is important that we get sustainable answers to this question because we are in a digital age in which we have become dependent on these gadgets so much so that many such activities, inventions etc. have been made possible because of these gadgets.

Why is the problem of e waste such a big issue?

problem of e waste
We already know what the solutions are; it is now a matter of implementing them effectively. Firstly, better e-waste management strategies and green standards can help address this challenge. By all coming together on the global stage we can create a sustainable industry that generates less waste, and in which our devices are re-used as well recycled in novel ways.

Though, the answer to this question is quite obvious and apparent but still many tend to put away their faces when they are asked about the kind of threat these gadgets pose and why they ended up becoming e-waste. Being ignorant about an issue is not at all a solution to the problem because when the effects of this e-waste problem start showing up, each one of us will be affected by it directly or indirectly. Let us have look at some serious threats posed by e-waste:

  • The biggest issue which is posed by these unused electronic devices or what we call e-waste is that they have a tendency to emit a certain amount of radiation. Any kind of exposure to radiation can be cancerous which means it has all the possibility of becoming fatal.
  • Whenever you throw away any electronics just like that in an unguided or unprotected way then the pieces of these devices can mix up with soil and cause soil pollution. Moreover there are certain types of chemicals which are used in different components of these devices for example the batteries and if these chemicals are exposed to soil or water they can enter into the human body or animals and can affect them seriously. 
  • When we declared a device to be useless, it still has a lot of potential of being used in some other ways for example there might be some components in that useless device which can be used as it is in the production or manufacturing of a new device. But if they are thrown or discarded in an improper way then the utility declines. In fact then for the production of the same component the materials and elements needed will be extracted from scratch from nature which again has different types of negative implications on the environment.


It is high time that we learn and develop the right ways of dealing with e-waste so to answer the question of How to recycle the e-waste the right way? We must first understand why this problem has such a high magnitude. The reason of course is the reckless buying of the new gadgets that hit the market every now and then. The contribution to this problem has also been made by the purchasing capacity of people in general. It’s very insensitive on the part of the customers that they quickly decide on buying a new gadget without even giving a thought of what it will be done with the old device.

Fortunately we do have some great options like the PC Dreams which have taken care of this problem of e waste. If you do not have the facilities of such third party organizations then you can always choose to give away your old gadgets to the manufacturers themselves for example if you have a smartphone from Samsung and to plan to buy a new one then you can always walk up to the Samsung service center and give them back their smartphone to which you can get an instant credit.

It is rightly said where there is a will there’s a way. If you are sensitive towards your actions then you will definitely find other options like PC Dreams and then answer to the questions like How to recycle the e-waste the right way? might become easy.

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