Factors That Affect the Resale Value of Your Mobile Phone

6 Steps to Maximize Your Used Phone’s Value Before Selling

If you are someone who is looking for 6 Factors That Affect the Resale Value of Your Mobile Phone, Then we show you that you are at the right place as we are going to dig into the topic deeply and provide our leaders would not just six factors but also additional information about it that is going to come in handy for anyone reading this blog. 

There is often a realization that is felt by the users of the smartphones that they have spent enough time and energy on the device that they are currently using and it is the correct time you to sell the device and buy a new one which is better in giving output according to your requirement. The smartphones that are available in the recent flagships for under high and smartphone option are very easily capable of searching a hefty price when sold but in case of of an old smartphone or any phone, it becomes a challenge to fetch a good price or at least the price it is worth factoring. In situations like that users often wonder what could be the best possible way to get the best returns out of the old phone? We want to tell you that there are plenty of possible factors that are capable to influence the cost at which your old phone is going to be sold and the following are some of those factors that you can consider in order to increase the resale value of your mobile phone.

Age of the Mobile Phone:

The first thing that catches the eye of a consumer that is going to buy an old phone is the age of the mobile phone. There are quite fewer chances of you getting a customer that would be interested in buying an old outdated smartphone which is why it becomes very important to sell the smartphone at its right age in order to fetch the worthy price. One must understand that it is often estimated that the price of a mobile phone is halved in its first year which means that if you bought a smartphone at a price around 30k then probably you would have to sell it at 15K the next year. Also, understand that this is just an estimate of what the price may vary from as it totally depends upon the handset itself and the brand it belongs to of what price it would fetch for itself.

Damage to the mobile phone:

Damage to the mobile phone
Around 71 percent cases of mobile phone repairs are related to screen damage, followed by issues related to starting (8 percent), device damage (6 percent), water logging (3 percent), software and charging (2 percent each), the report said.

And other important factors that consumers who buy second-hand mobile phones consider is the amount of damage that has been done to the handset already which also means they are going to put their keen attention towards the condition of the device. The damages that a mobile phone may have is usually compartmentalized into some minor or major types which can be considered aesthetic or functional issues based on the part that is affected by it. But it is not always a consideration that is considered too important as there are often companies that deal in Re-commerce and are often interested in buying smartphones that don’t even turn on. but if we considered the minor damages that may affect the body of the mobile phone such as small scratches that appear on the screen or the surface of the mobile, or the discoloration and wearing off of the paint of the device, the presence of minor dents are not considered a deal-breaker for a buyer of second-hand mobile phones.

Physical factors:

The presence of faulty components in the mobile for instance presence of a non-functional SD card slot or a non-functioning volume button, overheating of the battery is also taken into consideration whenever a buyer is going to buy a second-hand mobile. A mobile phone that does not possess an average battery life will eventually not contribute to a good resale value as battery life is one of the key factors considered when purchasing a mobile phone therefore all these physical attributes are considered significant among the 6 Factors That Affect the Resale Value of Your Mobile Phone whenever the resale value of a mobile phone is calculated. In case you want to get a good resale value for your smartphone consider the Laptop Factory Outlet add an option to fetch a good resale value for your device.

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