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Each device you send our way goes a long way in taking us closer to a Zero e-Waste World. 

But first, let’s understand the circular economy.

Circular Economy & You

Nature is the world’s best example of a circular economy; think about how plants grow, and after passing, return to the earth becoming nutrients for other plants. For many centuries, we have lived that way as well.

Since the industrial revolution, most modern economies have been linear. They start with resource extraction, and are introduced into factories, then in homes, and ultimately most of the items will end up in landfills. We might not be able to change the final destination of some items, but we can keep them in-circulation for longer, giving mother earth a breather.

More Devices than People

Every day, 475 new devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones are sold around the world. And these devices don’t exactly return to nature. 

About our devices


Devices with no previous owners are often still in the box and are yet to be used by users. They are made and not yet sold to anyone.


With a wide range of conditions, from Mint to Fair. These devices have previous owners and have been in use for at least 1 day.

Thanks to you, we have been not only keeping devices in circulation,
we have also been repairing devices to extend their useful lifespan. 

Check out the impact you have made with us.


Buying and using Pre-circulation or In-circulation devices, keeping them useful while giving great value to users.


Once devices reach the end of life, we find a new purpose for their parts and components.


We prolong the lifespan of devices by repairing them and keeping them useful to their owners.

Successful Adoption


Lifespan Extended by Repair


Upcycled Meaningfully


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