Liquid Spillage on laptops

Liquid Spillage on laptops and how to deal with it

Laptops come with its own perk of portability which ensures that our work, study or fun environment is not confined to one place. In the recent scenario of the pandemic, the emerging new normal is “from home”, whether its work from home or attending classes from home or even normal medical consultation was done from home, there is wide usage of the laptop. As we mentioned earlier, here the portability part is like attending a virtual meeting while having a glass of water or a mug of coffee or a cup of tea and what not. Liquid spillage on the laptop is another new normal which is of course not so desirable. If you drop cookies or slices of bread on the keypad, it is still manageable but if it is a liquid-based thing like water, coffee, tea, cold drinks, juices and whatever may come in this list, you will realize that something unfortunate has happened. Though one should avoid such accidents in the first place, if it still happens, then there are some ways they can be dealt with.

liquid spillage on laptops

Let us focus on how to deal with Liquid spillage on the laptop:

  1. What to do next? Once you realize that the liquid is split on your laptop, the first thing should be done is remove the device from all the power supplies, only if you are connected with the power supply and make sure you remove the battery in both cases. If you fail to do this or delay in doing these both steps, then an electrically conductive material can cause further and heavy damage. Next, you must use an absorbent cloth to wipe off the extra liquid which you might see on the surface. After much liquid has been wiped off, you can use a vacuum cleaner for sucking off the very little liquid that might be sticking to the keys of the laptop.

After doing the above-instructed steps, re-insert the battery and try switching on the laptop. If it starts off nicely, then thank god, you have prevented major damage. If the laptop does not start in the way it should, then probably the motherboard has been damaged or affected in an adverse way. In such a circumstance you should probably only hope for getting back your data.

  1. What if, laptop starts? If you clear step one that does not mean you win the whole game. If your laptop starts normally, then you must check the functionality of the keys, the track pad and other click-based functionality. There are problems that you can still face, like:
  • If the screen shows that you are holding a key, but you are actually not, then the liquid spill has bridged the gap, which results in you not using that key anymore.
  • Next, you should try to connect a mouse through USB, if that works perfectly, then you have an option of using an external keyboard.
  1. Is drying a good idea? This is a difficult question to answer. Many sites and blogs recommend drying but warn against using hair dryers for the same. Drying is a difficult process in case of electronics, the reason being the space, which is so less that you might have to wait for a considerable amount of time. If you leave your laptop open for the liquid to evaporate, then there are chances that liquid may dry up but leave residue behind which will affect the functionality in no less way. If the liquid is of sugar base, then it may leave a sticky residue which again is not desirable. The best thing that you can do is using an air stream, which if feels bearable to your hands then it will not damage the key or internal components as well, but for how much time you should use this sir stream is debatable

One should never ever try and open the laptop themselves; this will harm you in the case where your device is under the warranty as your act will violate the same. If your laptop is under warranty then you can very well replace the problematic parts of the device. When Gadgets have become such an important part of our lives we should make sure that we treat and respect them in the same way. Using your devices diligently is your duty. Above we have discussed the problem of Liquid spillage on the laptop, which if solved is simple but otherwise it has the potential of costing you fortunes. So we should try and use our devices carefully.

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