Xbox 360 3RL Repair Guide – Fix the 3RL Error Yourself

Having an Xbox 360 repair guide on hand is important because even the top video console systems have problems from time to time, but what do you do when you have all these problems and really don’t have a ton of money to send your system off and have it fixed. One of the most common issues that gamers worldwide face is the infamous 3 red light error or the ring of death (a common term used by gamers). There is now a new Xbox 360 3rl repair guide that one can use to fix almost any of there 360 console problems.

The main problem with this error is mainly from the manufacturer’s themselves due to soldering connections that were done improperly within the graphics processor unit or GPU. When someone is in play or if the console itself gets moved around, the vibrations from the constant moving causes the weld or solder to loosen up and in return causes the 3rl error. Another common reason for the 3rl error or the red ring of death is a problem within the power supply itself. If the Xbox 360 is kept in a closed up area it will cause the console to overheat resulting in the 3rl error. Last but not least the third problem that leads to the 3rl error or the ring of death is the graphics processor unit or GPU getting to hot.

Another big issue of the Xbox 360 is the developers that made it. The overall design has a lot of flaws so having an Xbox 360 3rl repair guide would be very beneficial. An example of the poor design is because the 360 is so compact there is no room for ventilation which causes the Xbox 360 3rl error and if you are a little technical savvy you will be able to fix the problem. Just take the console apart and remove a few components, like the hard drive and the DVD drive. Take out the heat sink on the GPU; just make sure to be very careful when performing this. Also keep in mind that if you have been playing games up until the 3rl error appeared the heat sink may be pretty hot so handle with care.

You can go to your local electronic store and purchase some thermal paste so that you can apply it to the top of the GPU and then place the heat sink back on top of it. Next place the clamp that is shaped like an X back onto the motherboard, and put back the DVD drive and hard drive back into its proper spot. After all components are placed back into the right spots then you need to place the cover back on and power it on. Most of the time this is all that you need to do, it should power back on. Be sure that you put your power supply and Xbox 360 in a well ventilated area to allow your machine to cool properly. Most of the problems can be eliminated by this one step.

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