Windows Installer Error 1603 – What is it and How to Fix Easily

Computer errors have become a regular nuisance for the computer users now. They need to resolve them on time for making their systems work normally and performing their work productively.

A very problematic error is the Windows installer error 1603. It happens when a user is not able to install a program successfully. The problem can arise in two ways because either the installation might be terminated in between or an error may occur during the process.

This error happens because the Windows installer is not able to launch the important source files, which are required for the installation. For example, the installation file is stored in the ‘C:winntInstaller’ directory of Windows registry, but sometimes it is not stored properly which leads to such an error in installation. The installer error 1603 occurs in operating systems like Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7 when the Microsoft Windows Installer service does not function properly.

Those files may have been accidentally deleted from the computer or are hampered for use. A user can use the Windows search facility from the start menu to locate the missing installation files. It is also required that the user logs on to the computer as administrator to initiate the installation program. If the user is installing the program on the PC of a network, it is better that the user has a complete accessing authority to make changes in the network PC.

However, if the installer error 1603 persists, the best way for the user to remove it is to make use of Windows registry repair software. Such software can perform a comprehensive scan on the Windows registry to ensure that it gets rid of all the remnants of the incomplete program installations. This will ensure that the user is able to install the program easily. After using such software, unsuccessful install error 1603 messages will no longer appear on his computer screen at any time.

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