The 7 Secret Windows Shortcuts You Never Knew About

What if it only takes you a split of a second to initiate a command from fingers? For years, regular users of the Windows computer have been using their mouse more than these cool shortcuts which could very well save them time and effort.

You can be sure that the seasoned tech experts have been using these secretly. And now, you will be shown the way as well. Hang on! Here they come.

1. Windows logo key + L key

Moving away to pantry for a new cup of coffee? Keep curious eyes out of your work with this quick shortcut – you can lock your windows instantly.

2. Shift key + Delete key

Do you find it troublesome to always empty your Recycle Bin after you take out the trash? Now with this quick shortcut, you can bypass the Recycle Bin and get rid of it instantly. But do note of the downside – you won’t be able to retrieve any accidentally deleted files.

3. Alt key / Windows logo key + Tab key

Too many multiple windows opened? This handy shortcut will allow you to select the right screen easily.

4. Shift key + Ctrl key + N key

Want to create a new folder instantly, without having to do the clicking? Now you can. Hit this 3 key combination, and a new folder will appear with the name ‘New folder’ already highlighted – so you can type in your preferred name.

5. Windows key + M key

Uh oh, did you load too many windows that they are cluttering your screen? Or are you sensing that your boss is coming right behind you? Use this quick shortcut to minimize all of the windows instantly. It’s a great way to save your time, and sometimes, your appraisal at the end of the year.

6. Windows logo key + Left or Right Arrow key

If you are using a two monitors for your desktop, you may prefer some windows to appear on your left, and some others on the right monitor. Hitting this quick shortcut allows your window to move from one monitor to the next one. And if you only have a single monitor, this shortcut will re-position your window to the side of the screen.

7. Windows logo key + (+/- key)

Can’t see that super small font? Or would you like to view your smaller? Press windows key and + key together to zoom in for a magnified view. Or you could hit windows key and – to get a zoom out view.

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