Solution to Error-Mount – Wrong File System Type

LINUX operating system is popular for its new-age advanced technology and features. LINUX facilitates working on the same computer along side Windows. The process of having two different operating systems on a single computer is known as dual boot, where you can have choice to choose either of the listed operating systems at the boot time. LINUX is the most widely used complete open source operating system and has the bare minimum compatibility issue with other popular operating systems. However, sometimes, accessing of LINUX volumes from Windows can’t be possible and error occurs while accessing the same from LINUX also. In such cases, you have to look for any LINUX data recovery utility to recover your valuable LINUX data back.

Let us elaborate the scenario, suppose that you are having Windows and LINUX on the same computer under a multi-booting mixed-OS system. You tried to mount the ext2 based LINUX volume but failed to do so with some error messages on the screen. Thereafter, you tried to boot your system with LINUX OS, but failed to do so with some boot errors and the data remains completely inaccessible. The error messages that flashed on the screen while trying with Windows can be read as follows:

“mount: wrong file system type, bad option, bad superblock, or too many mounted file systems”


“can’t find ext2 File System on dev ide1 (22, 65)”

Possible cause:

The most likely reason behind the above problem is a possible LINUX volume or file system corruption. Usually due to virus attack, unsystematic shut down, unconventional mounting of the drive etc, such file system corruption occurs.

In order to resolve the above error, it is wise to format and reinstall the OS. It is the data in the LINUX drive that is more important than the resolution of the error. Hence, either you can restore the data from the backup or you have to opt for any LINUX data recovery software or ext2 recovery utility.

These LINUX data recovery utilities are developed to recover the lost, formatted or inaccessible data from any LINUX partitions, irrespective of the data loss situation. In addition to this, their lucid functionality and stepwise instructions place them among the user friendliest utilities.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is a recovery utility meant to recover any lost, deleted, inaccessible or formatted LINUX data from ext4, ext3, ext2, FAT16, FAT12 and FAT32 file system based volumes. The software incorporates features like creating of image, save scan etc and can recover your data irrespective of the hard drive type.

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