Power Tools – A Brief Overview

If you are a DIY (do it yourself) enthusiast and love to craft different kinds of crafts, then you must understand the value and advantages of using power tools over the conventional manual tools. There is a huge difference between these two types of tools in terms of functionality, efficiency and features. However, some people get confused between manual tools and power tools. Let’s read to understand what power tools are, and their functionalities, features, and applications.

What are Power tools?

Power tools are different types of mechanical devices and tools that actuated when they are initiated by an external power source. This could generally be air, electricity and pneumatics. These tools are one of the most time-saving devices ever created. Through the use of electricity, compressed air or combustion, they allow users to complete the job efficiently and quickly, that could either not accomplish or would take a longer time when handled using conventional devices. Because of their working efficiency, technical advancement, and innovative features, they are used in a wide range of applications in the field of construction, welding industry, manufacturing industry and around the house for the purpose of drilling, shaping, polishing, heating, painting, grinding and so on.

These devices can be divided into numerous categories on the basis of power source, portability, and purpose. Two categories in which power tools are mainly categorized include:

Stationary mechanical devices

The stationary devices are either large-shaped machines that are not easily movable or machines that are tightly fastened to a stationary object in order to work properly and efficiently. The stationary model machines are generally used for smoothness, power and precision, wherein the portable power tools are used for convenience and for the job that require low power.

Portable mechanical devices

Portable devices are hand-held machines and are usually used for handling small jobs such as drilling, shaping, welding, polishing, grinding and so on. These machines are small in size and light-weighted. This means they can be easily carried anywhere.

They are also divided into three categories on the basis of power source, i.e. electric powered, compressed air and combustion. They can also be categorized by their purposes. Some of the common types of power tools include air compressor, alligator shear, lathe, lawn mower, angle grinder, heat gun, grinding machine, strimmer, table saw, impact driver, steel cut off saw and so on.

Since these mechanical devices are usually expensive, it is advised to trust only on branded products. Dewalt, Bosch, Making, Milwaukee, 3M, Bramley, AMS, AMPCO, Anderson, Aurand, Black & Decker, Bostitch, Band-IT, B & A, Echo, Diamond X, Dremel, Eclipse are some of the top brands on which you can trust for buying safe, power efficient and superior quality power tools. When going to buy such devices, you should compare the prices, features, and the power efficiency of products of different brands in order to buy the right machines for your specific application.

Power tools play a very significant role in completing the job safely and precisely. So, whenever you are going to buy such mechanical devices, then select only branded tools to get the best value for your investment.

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