How to Recover Lost Videos from Canon Vixia HG20 Camcorder

The Canon Vixia HG20 is a splendid HD (High Definition) camcorder from Canon. It is reasonably simple to use out of the box and it looks pretty good as well. It is almost similar to the Vixia HF11 of the company, however on the contrary recording mostly to the internal flash storage, it records videos to the hard drive. The hard drive storage is very prone to failure and you may lose your valuable videos if it fails due to any reason. In such cases, you need to use reliable video file recovery tools.

The stored video files on this camera hard drive is quite volatile and may get lost because of numerous reasons. The causes of the video loss may include storage media corruption, formatting of the camera hard drive or flash memory, files are accidentally deleted, virus infection, and many alike. Nevertheless of the cause of video loss, you need to get your videos recovered, as the loss cannot be accepted at any cost.

As a practical example of data loss, you may encounter problems while trying to connect your Canon Vixia HG20 to your Microsoft Windows Vista operating system-based computer. The Windows Vista cannot recognize the device and access videos from it. This behavior of this digital camcorder makes all your video files inaccessible.

Grounds of the issue

The major reason behind this issue can be corruption or damage to the storage media of camera, either camera hard drive or flash memory. Corruption may occur to the system file, logical structure and file system of the storage media. Due to the same, camcorder operating system cannot locate stored video files and computer operating system cannot recognize the device.


In order to work around this issue, you need to replace the damaged file system, system files, and data structures with new one. It needs hard drive and flash memory card formatting. Although formatting is helpful to work around most of such issues, but it also has a downside. It removes all the files from storage media and cause severe video loss situations. In such cases, video data recovery becomes essential.

You can easily recovery lost video files using video recovery software. They use high-end scanning techniques to ensure complete recovery. The video recovery tools are totally easy and safe to use.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is the most advanced and efficient solution to successfully recover lost videos. The software is available for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems in two different versions. It works in all cases of video loss and can recover video files of all file formats.

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