How to Fix Windows Not Responding Problems

Running your computer on the popular windows operating system can be very enjoyable when the system is working well. However, you may wake up one morning to start noticing some start-up problems. Your windows may fail to come up as usual. If you encounter such a problem, there’s no need to panic. You can always get it fixed by following these tips below:

• Discover the remote cause of the problem

There must be a remote cause of the windows problem you’re having. You need to discover this. Oftentimes, windows may stop to respond as a result of software or hardware conflicts. It can also be as a result of new program installation or any other software-related problem. An anti-virus program can also cause your system not to respond. This happens when the program messes up your registry. It can also occur when you have two anti-virus programs running on your computer. They are likely going to freeze your windows and cause it not to turn up. Your system’s RAM, hard disk, CPU and any other hardware can also cause your computer to hang. This happens when any of them malfunctions. You need to troubleshoot your system to find out where the problem is coming from. This will help you know the next step to take.

• Disconnect new hardware attached

Windows may stop responding when you plug in a new hardware to your system. In this case, you can easily detach the hardware and then re-start your system again. This will help in correcting the abnormality.

• Repair Windows

Oftentimes, windows may fail to respond when some of its files have been damaged. To get this fixed, you have to repair the windows installation. All you need is to restart your system and slot in the Windows installation CD. You have to prompt your system to boot from the CD-Rom in order to get the job done. You’ll then go ahead to follow the onscreen instruction to get the operating system repaired. During the repair process, the old windows files will be deleted while fresh ones are copied and re-installed.

• Re-install windows

If every other process fails, your last option will be to re-install windows. You have to re-start your system with the windows-installation CD placed in the CD-Rom. You’ll then go ahead to follow the onscreen instruction. You may have to reformat your hard disk in order to re-install the operating system afresh. You also need to exercise patient and allow the process to complete.

In all, there’s always the need to back up all your vital documents when you use your computer. You can use an external hard disk or flash drive for this purpose. This prevents you from losing everything when the system develops any kind of start-up problem. You can also need to locate an expert to help you get the system fixed if you can’t handle the problem. This saves you enough time, energy and money.

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