How to Fix ‘Memory Card Error’ in Canon PowerShot SD780 IS

Canon PowerShot SD780 IS is one of the professional choices for digital photography due to its unbeatable point-and-shoots specs. When it comes to storage, the camera supports standard storage media, like SD/SDHC memory card, MMC cards, HC MMC Plus cards, and MMC Plus cards. Canon PowerShot SD780 IS captures still digital images in JPEG file format and movies in MOV format. In short, simple data storage plus advanced features make the camera popular and highly usable. However, it is recommended to always keep a backup copy of all your digital images and movie clips of in order to prevent data loss. Events like memory card corruption and accidental file deletion can cause your precious memories to get lost and necessitate you to use applications like, a Photo Recovery Software.

Suppose the Canon PowerShot SD780 IS camera is connected to a computer and you are copying some pictures on its external memory (SD card). Then you suddenly remove the camera from computer without considering that a read/write process is running. The next time, when you try to view the images on the same SD card of Canon PowerShot SD780 IS, it cannot be accessed and instead gives an error:

“Memory card error.”

Apart from the instance, depicted above, ‘Memory card error’ can also occur due to numerous of other reasons.

Since the memory card is unusable, the only solution to get it to a working state is to reformat the memory card. Reformatting the memory card is not a safe option (since it leads to loss of all the graphic and video files) unless you have a backup of all your precious files. Thus, in cases when you do not have a valid data backup, you need a third-party utility to Recover Deleted Photos.

The Photo Recovery Software are designed to scan a digital storage media using efficient scanning algorithms, and are competent in restoring data without making any changes to the original data. Because of their interactive design, these tools are quite easy to use.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a comprehensive utility that restores lost and deleted digital files, including audios, videos, and photos from a variety of storage media, including SD/SDHC cards, MMC cards, xD cards, CF cards, CDs, DVDs, hard disks, iPods, digital cameras, and more. With separate versions available for Windows and Mac, this software can Recover Deleted Photos using advanced, yet safe procedures.

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