Hard Drive Data Recovery – Computer Will Not Boot and You Need Your Files

It has happened to all of us. We are going about our business one morning and as we turn on the computer, a not so welcoming blue screen appears with a bunch of geek talk computer gibberish. What does this mean? Why won’t my computer turn on to the desktop like it has done for the previous 3 years? Why haven’t I backed up my files lately?

A feeling of panic enters your thoughts because you have so much information on that computer, not being able to access it anymore scares the heck out of you.

There could be many reasons why your computer will not boot up but the most important thing is that you get those files out. But what can you do? Well, there is a simple set of steps you can follow to try and get that data off the hard drive.

First you need to get the hard drive out of that computer. Make sure you follow safety precautions when opening up your computer case.

You can buy an adapter called and IDE to USB adapter which allows you to plug one end of the adapter to a hard drive, and the other end to the USB port on a computer.

Once you have the this adapter plugged in, your old hard drive should appear in “My Computer” on the new computer. Assuming this works, your hard drive will appear the same way a jump drive would appear.

The hard drive is now connected to the computer and you can either use CD or DVD burning software to extract all the needed files, or you can just drag those files into a folder on the new computer.

Sometimes this does not work and you need technical support A technical support company will have the right equipment on hand to help you out in a situation like this.

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