Comparison of Document Files With Extensions DOCX and PDF

It is significant to know the difference between DOCX and PDF formats especially when you are converting a Word file into PDF. The DOCX file is created using Microsoft Word which is a word processing software released first in 1983 by Microsoft for IBM personal computers. In the earlier versions of MS Word the file extension was DOC and since the 2007 version onwards it is DOCX. Unlike the older version of DOC, DOCX is based on using XML.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format which is a file type created for document exchange by Adobe systems in the 90’s. Unlike the Word document, fonts specified in the PDF format are portable. It means, they move along with the file. The main advantage of PDF over Word is that PDF documents can be read on any PC. All that is required is to install Adobe Reader on your computer. PDF files can be opened using Foxit Reader and, of course, Adobe Acrobat Reader. DOCX files can be viewed with the help of It can also be opened using the MS Word and Microsoft Office Suite.

Microsoft Word is used to create and edit written documents. Actually both DOCX and PDF can accept different types of data including images, graphics, audio and text. However, PDF files display documents as they would look on printer.

MS Word is a paid application while OpenOffice, Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader are open sources that can be downloaded from the respective websites for free.

There are many methods of converting the DOCX file to PDF. The easiest way is via Adobe Acrobat which has a host of different programs made for viewing, manipulating, managing and creating files in PDF format.

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