Access To The Hidden Partition Pqservice

Many laptops and computers comes in our days without recovery cd, the OS and driver are in hidden partition.

I will show you step by step how to unhide this partition. You will need to use PARTEDIT32.

Be aware that you can lose all your data in this operation, you should backup all your important things before.

This, is working with acer aspire laptops and probably with a large variety of computer with hidden partition.

First boot in bios menu by pressing F2 key on boot,

disable the d2d recovery save and restart.

Now we will use PARTEDIT32 this nice freeware software will make a great job, it will allow you to make your partition visible in some clicks of mouse and on the fly under Windows XP.

Unzip and launch Partedit32. The user interface opens, simple but effective, if you have more than one hard disk, choose the one where your hidden partition is in the menu Hard Disk, then look at the column TYPE in your partitions table here is the type of your partition, you can reach a list of the various types of partition by clicking the button SET TYPE.

In this example with a Acer laptop the name of the partition is PQSERVICE and its type is 12, changes it by type 07, save and reboot.

After boot in windows go to my computer you will see a new disk named PQSERVICE you have done it.

In this disk you can find your drivers and windows files. We will explain in another review how to make a real windows cd with these data.

Since that you have finish with these data you just have to repeat the operation and change back the value.

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