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What to Do with Old iPhones: Ways to Utilise Your Used Devices

The rapid evolution of technology often leaves us with outdated devices— and iPhones are no exception. As responsible consumers, it’s crucial to consider the environmental impact of disposing of these gadgets.

The improper disposal of electronic devices contributes significantly to the growing issue of electronic waste, or e-waste. This blog post explores sustainable options for dealing with old iPhones and emphasises the importance of making environmentally conscious choices.

What is the ‘Circular Economy’ concept?

The circular economy is new norm that challenges the traditional linear approach of “take, make, dispose.” Instead, it promotes a closed-loop system where products, including electronic devices like iPhones, are designed to be reused, refurbished, and recycled.

One exemplary platform embracing this concept is myhalo CircularXchange. This platform specialises in the refurbishment and resale of old iPhones, contributing to the reduction of e-waste.

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Benefits of reusing old iPhones

Extending the life of old iPhones through refurbishment or repurposing manifests several benefits for the environment. For example:

Carbon emission avoidance

Manufacturing new electronic devices, including iPhones, involves resource-intensive processes that emit carbon emissions. By extending the life of your iPhone through reuse, one can actively participate in carbon emission avoidance.

The idea is the longer one’s device lasts, the fewer new devices need to be manufactured. This may ultimately reduce the overall carbon footprint associated with electronic production.

Carbon handprint

Your actions have the power to create a positive environmental impact, known as a Carbon Handprint. When you choose to refurbish and reuse your old iPhone, you actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

This concept underscores the significance of making sustainable choices in our daily lives. Consider your carbon handprint as a measure of your positive influence on the environment—as every decision to extend the life of your device matters.

What to do with old iPhones?

The life cycle of an iPhone doesn’t have to end with its first user. Refurbishment and reuse open up new chapters for these devices, providing environmental benefits and reducing e-waste.

In fact, an iPhone may undergo multiple life cycles through refurbishment and reuse, exemplifying the principles of a circular economy.  In practice, an old iPhone can be returned to a third-party refurbisher for extensive inspection, repair, and upgrades.

Consequently, these ReLoved iPhones then find new users, extending the device’s life beyond its original owner. In essence, this process appreciably promotes environmental sustainability by addressing the growing systemic issue of electronic waste.

Technology companies are increasingly recognising the importance of sustainable practices. As such, they promote trade-in programs that allow users to exchange their old iPhones for credit toward new purchases.

Personal upcycling

Consider one of the following options for your old iPhones:

1. Personal upcycling: Give your old iPhone a new purpose

Upcycling old iPhones revolves around creatively repurposing them to serve a new function. Thus, extending their lifespan beyond their original intended use.

In essence, embracing upcycling contributes to a more sustainable approach to electronic device lifecycle management. So, here are some creative ways one can repurpose their old iPhone:

  • Home automation controller: Transform your old iPhone into a smart home controller. With apps and accessories, you can manage lights, thermostats, and security systems, giving your device a meaningful second life.
  • Digital photo frame: Convert your iPhone into a digital photo frame by placing it in a stylish dock. Display cherished memories with family and friends, adding a personal touch to your living space.
  • Media centre remote: Use your old iPhone as a dedicated remote control for your smart TV or media centre. This repurposing not only reduces e-waste but also enhances your entertainment experience.
  • Portable media player: Load your old iPhone with music, podcasts, or audiobooks and use it as a dedicated media player. This is especially useful for activities like exercising or commuting when you don’t want to drain the battery of your new device.

2. Trade-in opportunities and upcycling

You may also send your old devices for upcycling where their original functional parts can be used to rescue other devices too.

Upcycling means taking an unused, unwanted device that would otherwise go to waste, and giving it a second life. It helps to make it useful for longer and keep it out of landfills. Prolonging the lifespan of devices and ensuring their continued use is essential in combating electronic waste.

Consider the myhalo trade-in program as a sustainable option for parting with your old iPhone. The process is straightforward:

  • Assessment: Use the Trade-in link to assess the trade-in value of your device. Additionally, you can opt for one of these two options:
  • Rescue your old iPhone: Your device might still be usable if you just repair it. Opting for this option can help rescue it from the landfill.
  • Relove a device- This option involves buying an in-circulation (pre-owned) device after your trade-in to lower your personal carbon footprint even more.
  • Trade-in process: Follow the provided instructions to send in your old iPhone. Once received, myhalo evaluates its condition and offers a fair value.
  • Discounts on ReLoved devices: Receive discounts on ReLoved iPhones when you choose to purchase a device from myhalo. Opting for a ReLoved device not only saves one money but also reduces the environmental impact associated with new device manufacturing.

3. Eco-friendly disposal: The last resort for beyond-repair iPhones

If your iPhone is beyond repair or reuse, it’s crucial to dispose of it responsibly. iPhone users can consider prioritising recycling through recycling programs or certified e-waste recycling facilities. This helps to prevent environmental harm from hazardous components.

myhalo is committed to eco-friendly disposal practices, aligning with a vision of achieving a zero e-waste future. When you choose myhalo, you support a company dedicated to minimising environmental impact at every stage of a device’s life cycle.


As technology advances by leaps and bounds, older iPhone models become obsolete for many users, leading to the question of what to do with these devices.

Rather than discarding them, which contributes to electronic waste and environmental harm, we can consider sustainable practices like reuse (ReLoved).

In conclusion, the choices we make regarding our old iPhones significantly impact the environment. Embracing the Circular Economy concept, myhalo CircularXchange leads the way in refurbishing and reselling old iPhones, contributing to a sustainable future.

By opting for ReLoved devices, practising personal upcycling, and participating in trade-in programs, you actively reduce electronic waste and carbon emissions. As a responsible consumer, you play a crucial role in myhalo’s mission towards a zero e-waste future.

Choose sustainability, choose ReLoved devices, and let your carbon handprint make a lasting positive impact on the environment!

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