Trade-in your Phone

What is the Right Time to Trade-in your phone

What happens when you decide to change your phone, normally you will straight away go and buy a new phone or for a change you may look for some options that will suit your budget. Trade-in is the new way of parting ways with your phone, there are many advantages of trading-in your device but the biggest advantage is that you will get some money in return that you can use for buying your new phone. Now there can be two ways for trade-in too, either you can just trade in your phone and satisfy yourself with whatever you get, or you can wait for the right time and get more than what you expect. So the question is What Is The Best Time For Trading Your Phone In? Before we understand this, let us understand how the prices fluctuate and how you can make the most of it.

Waiting will bear you sweet fruits

We all are aware of the term Depreciation, the moment one thing is owned, it starts to depreciate, the same is true for the phones as well. Many people will think that when in present times the prices of the new phones are soaring like an all-time high, trading in your phone then is the best time, but it is not true, on the contrary, a study says that when a successor of the phone is announced or unveiled or any new phone launches at that time trading in of the phone may not be the best option as it is this time the trade-in value actually falls sharply. There is a famous phrase that says that waiting will bear you sweet fruits, and this is true in this context as well because over time the depreciation rate of trade in phones reduces considerably which means after some time has passed you will be able to get some good price from your trade-in. Let us understand it with an example, the iPhone X was released in 2017, you would be surprised to know that within 6 months of its launch it lost about more than 40% of its value whereas, in comparison to its value since then, it has dropped only 16%. So you can imagine the difference between the drop of more than 40% in 6 months and a drop of only 16% in the next three years.

Trade-in your Phone
Trade-in your Phone”

Having understood all the technicalities we shall now come back to our question What Is The Best Time For Trading Your Phone In? If it is possible for you to trade in your phone within the first six months of buying it, then it will fetch you the highest possible price, but if it is not possible then probably you have to vigilant enough to observe the launch of the new phone and always make sure that you trade in your phone before the new phone is launched but that does not mean immediately before the launch of the new phone, it should be done sometime before the launch of the new phone. If somehow none of the above things are possible then you must wait for some time after the launch of the new phone and then when some time has elapsed then you must go in for trading in your phone, in such situation you may not be able to find the highest possible price but you will be able to get enough out of this trade-in of the phone.

When we are talking about the best time for trading your Phone In, then it is also important to tell you about some trade-in platforms. There are some trade-in platforms that allow for hassle-free trade-in options. All you have to do is go to their websites and answer a few questions from them which are basically designed in such a way to know the condition of the phone that you want to trade-in and all the possible details that can be collected from that questionnaire. Once you answer the questions then you will be given an estimated price of the trade-in of your phone based on your answers. Now at this point, some will ask you to come and drop the device personally and some will send you the address and ask you to deliver to that address and the credit will be transferred to your account with whatever way they wish to undertake.

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