OnePlus 9 Vs OnePlus 9R Vs OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 9 Vs OnePlus 9R Vs OnePlus 9 Pro – Which Smartphone To Buy?

OnePlus phones have taken over the market in a very less span of time. The reason being their specifications, features and of course the design, this brand has a huge fan base. In spite of being in the expensive category people are quite fascinated by these phones and show huge interest in buying them. Recently, OnePlus has launched three phones simultaneously and all are quite good. In this blog we will try to understand the OnePlus 9 Vs OnePlus 9R Vs OnePlus 9 Pro – Which Smartphone To Buy? So that making a decision to buy one becomes easy for you.

OnePlus 9R:

OnePlus 9R

This phone has been launched with limited availability as it has not been launched in Europe. Though, after looking at the comparison you see yourself that the OnePlus 9R does not have many reasons to fall for. The design is not an extensive one, it is rather flat that makes it look very dull. The phone is not even dust proof and not even water proof. So we can see that it is not even robust in its design. On the other hand the display is HD but there is an absence of adaptive refresh rate. The processor which this phone uses is not at par with its peers. Though the difference that can come with this processor is not visible but this difference is a considerable one. Last but not the least the operating system of all three phones is the same that is Android Oxygen OS. The wireless charging is absent. Overall we can say that this phone has an excellent ratio of price quality satisfaction.

OnePlus 9 Pro:

OnePlus 9 Pro

This is actually the best phone among the three phones that have been launched by OnePlus. With edge to edge curved display, this phone has the best display among the OnePlus 9 Vs OnePlus 9R Vs OnePlus 9 Pro – Which Smartphone To Buy? This can easily be the answer to the question above. The camera in both the phones that is the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro is the same, both are Hassle Blad but the camera in Pro version is of superior quality. There is a 48 MP sensor and 50 MP ultra wide camera to enhance your photography experience. The camera quality of OnePlus 9 stands next to the Pro. This phone is waterproof as well as dust proof which adds to the qualities of the phone. The specifications of this phone are evident of the fact that it is an expensive phone and trust us that this can be only one drawback of this phone.

OnePlus 9:

OnePlus 9

This phone is on the balanced side. With all the specifications which are if not superior they are not even inferior. The operating system is the same as the previous two that we have discussed, that is it is Android Oxygen OS. The display is the same as the OnePlus 9R so definitely nothing to jump about it as we have already told you that it is a dull display. But it is still better than the OnePlus 9R. Another striking similarity between both the phones is that both are available in limited places. The camera of this phone too comes from Hasselblad and hence, it is of very good quality. Talking of the battery life, we must tell you that this phone has the longest battery life of the three phones that we are talking of. The chooser too is far better than the OnePlus 9R. so you can see that there are hardly any reasons that can force you not to buy this phone, of course only if it is available in your area.

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