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Unlocking the treasure of Used Phones

Planning to buy a new phone so what’s pulling you back? In most of the cases when we want to buy or upgrade from our existing phones then the price of the new phone which is very high and it is difficult to fit in a budget is what bothers us. So what we generally do is save and save and save. But have you ever thought about buying an old phone or shall we say a second handphone? It might seem quite absurd to you but there are many options where we can buy the used phones which are in very good quality so much so that when you first look at these used phones for the very first time you might not be able to judge whether it is a used phone or a brand new phone. In this blog we are going to bring you some used but new phones that you should definitely give a thought to buying:

iPhone XS:


iPhone has by far one of the biggest markets when we talk about the used phones and why not it should be, the brand new iPhones actually cost a fortune. another big reason that people do not hesitate to buy a used iPhone is that whatever updates are done in a new iPhone are also applied to any old iPhone to so there is no discrimination in the features that are found on a new iPhone and those that are found on an old iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S9:


The Galaxy series of Samsung is also one of the phones which are famous even when placed in the category of used phones. Again the reason is that the Galaxy series of Samsung is quite an expensive one, so if anyone wants to buy a Galaxy phone and you are short on money then you can always choose to buy the used phones of the Galaxy series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9

Another popular used but the new phone is again the Galaxy series note 9 phones from Samsung. There is a huge fan following for this phone which is mad about the design of the phone, the screen size of the phone and also the onboard features of this phone which are a fantastic only drawback of this phone is that the Bixby feature might not seem to be very useful.

iPhone 8 plus:

APPLE iPhone 8 Plus

You must have understood by now which are the preferred brands in the used but new series of phones worldwide again to find its place in the list is the iPhone 8 plus which is equally preferable by any person who wants to have an Apple phone.

Google Pixel 3 XL:

Google pixel 3 XL

Another premium phone is famous in the category of used but new phones. The best thing about Google’s phone is its camera which is only upgraded every year they launched a new phone. Everything about the camera remains the same. So it would not be an exaggeration if we say that Google has one of the best cameras in the market. The only thing that might disappoint you is the battery life of this phone which could have been a lot better.

We hope that you might have understood what used but new phones mean, so if you are planning to buy a new phone then we would emphasize that you should definitely give a thought to buying the above phones too.

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