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What should not be believed about Cell Phones Repairs?

We have come in an era where smartphones are no more a luxury commodity, they are a necessity and now and considering the variety in the market whether in terms of quality and price, anyone can afford it. As the purchase and the need for a cell phone have increased so have the problems related to it. There is increased casual usage of phones and that results in all sorts of mishandlings and accidents. Though phone repair service can fix a lot of things we are here to warn you against any kind of rumors and myths related to phone repairs and recommend you to never ever follow them.

  1. Uncooked Rice Absorbs moisture: Dropped your phone in water or spilt some liquid-based material on it. Then you go and try and search for a solution and the first thing in most cases that pop up are to leave your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice. The truth is rice is undoubtedly a good absorbent but not for electronics, it may still absorb some moisture but cannot prevent the corrosion process on the motherboard. In fact, the starch that is left behind as a result of moisture and rice coming in contact can only speed up the corrosion process. So leave the uncooked rice to be cooked and fill your empty tummy.
  2. Your Phone can never function the way it used to before you broke it: This is another popular myth, that once you break your phone, it has been opened for repair and can never function like before. Well, this myth might come true if you indulge yourself in DIYs or take it to some random person. The truth is that if phone repair service is done by the expert or at authorized centers then you may end having a phone that functions way better than before.

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  3. Warranty will be void by Third-Party repairs: This yet another myth that needs to be busted for sure. If your phone has suffered minor damage then third-party repairs are the best option available but the condition is that the person should be an expert if not authorized. Especially if you are living in some small town and you do not have the phone’s authentic service centre then you have no option but to visit third party phone repair service.
  4. Repair Centers hack your Phone: Another baseless myth, which has absolutely no rationale attached to it. The phone repair service is made to help you and not to hack your phone. It is important for you to know that the service providers do not have any authority to do any mischief with your data. Even if they feel an absolute need to get into your data, then they will first need your approval before proceeding. So you can be absolutely sure of your photo. Videos and any other confidential information or data will be safe.
  5. A cracked Screen is not much damage: Well, you can go seriously wrong if you consider this to be true. A screen crack can cause fatal damage or irreversible damage to your phone if not quickly then definitely it will happen over time. A screen crack can cause the backlight to malfunction, discoloration, black spots; it will definitely affect the touch-functionality. The cracked does not even look good and if you are using any expensive then touch screen will definitely not make you look good. So next time, you crack the screen of the phone and make sure you get it repaired without any delay.
  6. Phone damaged with water is beyond Repair: If you believe that a water damaged phone can be repaired by uncooked rice, then what makes you think that water damaged phone is beyond repair? A water damaged phone is very well in the ambit of repair. The only thing you have to do is to take to the right people who know how to the needful.
  7. Third-party repairs make replacement with duplicate parts: This is not true at least not completely. The third-party repairs have all sorts of parts. If you are willing to pay for it, then necessary replacements will be done with authentic parts only.

These were some of the myths that we busted related to phone repair service, any problem attended by the experts will never cause you harm.

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