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Most Common iPad Problems & How to Fix Them!

If you are an Apple product owner then we would like to raise the first question in this blog of iPad repair Singapore that as a user are you satisfied with your Apple product? As we are already aware of your answer which we suspected to be No! After all there is no way to be hundred percent satisfied with your purchase. Either instantly or after a while you start realizing that on what grounds your device does not match up to the level of Expectations you had from it. Although the fact that no user can be fully satisfied with their purchase yet we would like to tell our readers that Apple devices have the highest satisfaction rating as far as the years or Tablet industry is concerned. The company earns about a sizable 83% satisfaction rating in which Amazon lags a bit behind it.

Even though the satisfaction rate is considerably high yet it is not very difficult to see iPad having you here and there and if your device has a similar issue then don’t worry as our blog of iPad repair Singapore is hair to rescue.  In this blog we are going to discuss the seven most common iPad problems and the solution to fix those issues.

Apps Like Chrome Keeps Crashing:

Chrome Keeps Crashing

There are often cases when the applications tend to be a problem for someone and if you sometimes get unlucky and a bad update install on the iPad then there is often a common issue of Chrome getting crashed is witnessed.  what to do in such a situation? Just close the app completely!  don’t worry as the iPad is what we call a cache in order to launch the app comparatively quicker.  In case you witnessed and if you like having no home screen in your new iPad or iPhone you just need to swipe up from the button and pause in the middle of the screen. Also if you have an older iPad with a home screen button then you just need to double click the home button in order to solve the issue.

iPad Wi-Fi Not Connecting:

iPad Wi-Fi Not Connecting

It is commonly witnessed that some devices may experience problems connecting with their Wi-Fi network. Are you having trouble? In order to solve this problem try to look at your settings if your tablet can find the Wi-Fi connection. In case this solution doesn’t come in handy try to reset your router if possible. Another solution that may help is restart the iPad and this can help reset the hardware to detect a better signal.

iPad Screen Keeps Freezing:

iPad Screen Keeps Freezing

This particular issue may arise as there might be software conflicts or memory corruption that puts your iPad on a loop. The best solution to this is to turn the iPad off and then on again and in order to do so start by pressing and holding the power button. This may sound as a traditional solution but it’s actually true that the process of turning it off and on again resets the hardware to its default state before the crash, flushing the memory.

Apple Device Stuck on Startup Logo:

This is another problem that iPads are usually witnessed facing in which the device gets stuck on the startup Apple logo which is a different problem altogether. The aim here is to reset the iPad software to factory settings. Using this solution basically will delete your iPad’s data, so be very sure about that. It is recommended that before applying this solution try and turn it on and off a few times.

iTunes Does Not Recognize the Device:

When this problem arises, chances are iTunes does not recognize an iPad and the issue may be due to iTunes or the iPad. For which try updating the software. In order to do so go to the Apple menu (Apple logo) > System Preferences > Software Update. If the problem still persists try restarting the iPad, turn it off and on again and swipe the slider, then turn it on.

iPad Not Charging:

iPad Not Charging

Is your iPad facing charging issues? Then try to connect it first to a charging cable and see if it is showing the charging icon. In case it still faces the problem then it is sure that your iPad is not charging. If your device does not charge then make sure your charger is connected to the wall socket because a lightning connection to a USB port won’t cut it. If the problem still persists then try testing with a different charger and a different lightning cable since you might have a faulty power adapter or cable or you have a low wattage USB power charger. 

Hope this blog for iPad repair Singapore will come in handy if you face any of the above issues.

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