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Things to Check When Buying Secondhand MacBook Air

Apple’s MacBook is one of the most prominent laptops around the globe. However, the high-end price tag attached to models like MacBook Air is enough to ward off many of us. This is where secondhand MacBook Air comes to our rescue. Moreover, the prospective idea of buying a secondhand or refurbished MacBook Air is gaining a lot of momentum. You can expect to grab a high-end quality product at a low price. In this article, we will try to cover some important things you need to check before making the purchase.


    • Age of the product: You can determine the age of a secondhand MacBook Air by its serial number. You can check the serial number by clicking on the Apple icon> about this Mac> Overview. Under this overview tab, you will find the serial number. Now, open Apple’s check coverage page and paste the serial number there. You will get to see all the necessary details as well as support services for that particular product. Avoid buying a product that is too old, so you remain free from troubles in the future.

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    • The extent of physical damage: Check the secondhand Mac for any signs of damage like scratches, dents, any crooked parts, etc. These marks and blemishes are a clear indicator of age and poor treatment. Also, check for any out-of-place wires and accessories. But if you buy used MacBook Air from certified resellers, you can rest assured about the quality of the product.
    • Working condition of the laptop: Notice each and everything regarding the working of the MacBook. Beginning from whether it boots up properly. Thereafter, check the screen for display issues, such as the presence of dots or lines, dead pixels. Then check the keyboard and see if every key works fine or not, especially all the function keys. Lastly, determine the working status of all the ports.
    • Battery health: You can check the health status of the battery of the used MacBook Air by inspecting its cycle count. These cycle counts give you an indication of how long the battery will work fine and if it needs replacement. For instance, a used MacBook air can have a cycle count of 500 (although the maximum cycle count was 1000). It implies that the battery is 50% used up.
    • Final check: If you still have any doubts, you can run an in-depth check on the device with the help of an in-built feature present in the MacBook i.e. the Apple hardware test. It will provide you with a detailed report on every issue with the used Mac and also outline the wear and tear experienced by all the components.


Ultimately, everything is all about preference at the end of the day. If you are willing to pay a few extra bucks, then you go buy a secondhand MacBook Air from Apple itself. They will wrap it in a white box with a minimal warranty, but nothing more is given by them for the money you pay. Whereas, you can also choose to buy from certified resellers at a much more economical price and an in-house warranty.


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